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Agile Meeting Templates

Inspiration at your fingertips!

Spice up your meetings with our tried and tested templates for Retrospectives and Sprint Poker meetings.

agile meeting templates

Meeting inspiration for agile teams

It's the day before the meeting and you're scrabbling around for a fresh retrospective idea or agile estimation tool to use with your team.

Lucky you stumbled upon us. Because we've put together a set of tried and tested meeting templates for you to use with your team. 

No matter if you're running a sprint retrospective or an agile estimation meeting – there's something here for everyone.

Parabol Retrospectives


Look backwards to move forwards

We know coming up with new retrospective formats is hard work. Our tried and tested retrospective templates are designed to be fun and to pull deeper and more valuable insights out of your team.

Choose a classic like Glad, Sad, Mad or try something new with a Mountain Climber, Energy Levels or Winning Streak retrospective. Learn how to build your own template in Parabol. 

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Agile Estimation

Get on the same page about work

Are you a Fibonacci fan? Or perhaps T-Shirt Sizes fit your team better? We've got inspiration for your next estimation or Sprint Poker meeting, with different estimation methods and scales to choose from.

And if you can't find one you're into – share your inspiration by creating your own. Why not try a fruit scale or a dog scale!

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