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Free Online Retrospective Tool for Remote Teams

Fun Retrospectives with Less Prep Time

A free online retrospective tool to help you reflect on your work, find themes, and evolve as a team.

Bring Retrospectives to Life for Remote & Hybrid Teams 

Connect as a team, reflect on work, and drive continuous improvement

Share honest feedback with anonymous reflections

Add anonymous replies to retrospective prompts asking about your last sprint or project. 

  • Clean and clear writing experience
  • Hidden reflections to prevent anchoring bias
  • Cheerful animations that show your team-mates are writing

Discover patterns as a team with multiplayer grouping

Once reflections are revealed, spot themes together by grouping related cards. 

  • Interactive, multiplayer grouping, with drag-and-drop sticky notes
  • Keep your retro board tidy with expandable and collapsible groups, so sticky notes don’t overlap 
  • Parabol’s AI automates naming groups so scrum masters don’t have to 

Let facilitators and scrum masters fully participate by sharing the load on grouping

Prioritize what matters most with anonymous voting

Keep meetings democratic and fair with anonymous voting. Learn what your development team wants to talk about and give everyone a voice.

  • Anonymous voting prevents anchoring and bias
  • Customizable number of votes per person

Intuitive and easy-to-use voting functionality

Take action to improve by creating tasks during the meeting

Hold a structured conversation about your team’s top issues. Create trackable action items to guarantee continuous improvement.

  • Structured and linear retrospective process lets teams identify the root causes. Go beyond a whiteboard.   
  • Document your conversation in real-time with discussion threads
  • Add anonymous suggestions, when you’re not sure about your ideas
  • React with emojis to celebrate good ideas or show you agree
  • Sync action items directly to Jira, GitHub or GitLab

Save Time Without Sacrificing the Quality of Your Agile Retrospectives

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings

Get inspired with built-in popular retro templates

Reduce prep time by picking from our library of retrospective templates. Or build your own retro format!

Keep your scrum team in sync with automated meeting summaries

Get an automated summary of your teams’ sprint retrospectives including the number of reflections, topics, and tasks that came out of the meeting. 

Catch up before the next sprint if you were out, share the summary with stakeholders outside the team, or export your learnings as CSV to analyze trends. Access your team’s meeting history anytime within Parabol to revisit the summary or the full discussion.

Integrate with tools you already use

Parabol integrates with industry-leading tools. Slot retrospectives right into your existing workflow.

  • Notify your team of new agile retrospectives starting or ending via Slack or Mattermost
  • Export action items from your retrospective board to your Jira, GitHub or GitLab backlog

Get Your Team Talking and Keep Retrospectives Engaging

Pick from 100+ Parabol Agile templates designed to help your team collaborate efficiently

Efficient Retrospectives That Sets Remote Teams Up for Success

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

Online Retro Tool That Gets Your Team Talking 

FeaturesParabolVirtual WhiteboardProject Management ToolSpreadsheet
Popular retro templatespurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Unlimited boardspurple checkmark
Facilitated icebreakerpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Anonymous inputpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Timerpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Multiplayer grouping purple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Hidden votingpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Automated meeting summarypurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Slack integrationpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for nored 'x' for no
GitHub and GitLab integrationspurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Jira integrationpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
CSV Exportpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Team Health Checkpurple checkmark

Support for Enterprise Organizations

Enterprise organizations trust Parabol to drive continuous improvement across their agile teams. Learn more about Parabol’s SSO, additional security features, and self-hosting options.

Agile Teams Run Better Meetings With Parabol

Discover all the other ways Parabol can help you transform your team meetings from dreaded to productive