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Secure, Trusted and Used by Thousands of Government Professionals

Parabol for the Public Sector

Parabol is a TRL 9, Impact Level 4 cornerstone application for digital transformation that leverages the Agile approach to mobilize teams toward their mission objectives.

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Trusted by Thousands of Public Sector Professionals

US Air Force
US Space Force
US Army
Us Navy
Platform One
Space Launch Delta 45
Kessel Run

Committed to Keeping Your Data Safe

Parabol has spent years enhancing our security for government. Parabol is open-source and not dependent on any external services.

Parabol’s accredited security-hardened containers (available via DoD Platform One’s Iron Bank) are available to be hosted in the SCIF or on managed ATO’d IL2, IL4, IL5 infrastructures.

Available in IL2 & IL4 through DoD Platform One

  • Fully-auditable source-code
  • Option of email ownership verification
  • Privacy policy compatible with EU-US Privacy Shield, GDPR, CalOPPA, and US FIPS
  • Flexible permissions for company and team leaders
  • Authorized for use at IL 4 (USA)

Make access safe and straightforward with SSO

  • For team members: No need to manage additional logins
  • For admins: A single point of authentication
  • For US agencies: Hardened container listed on United States Air Force Platform One Iron Bank, used by organizations up to  IL4

Keep the power in your hands

Flexible hosting options on your terms:

  • On-prem hosting for enhanced security
  • Security-hardened container available
  • Works live, or async across time zones on or offline

Modernizing the Way the Government Collects, Organizes and Shares Information

We know that team collaboration and information mobility are essential for government organizations. Parabol is the world’s only IL4 capable, Agile meeting platform that empowers DoD and government agencies to achieve everything Agile ways of working have to offer.

Support When You Need it Most

Guaranteed uptime, personalized support, and priority requests for government and security-conscious government clients

Get the support you need with first-class service

Our team is on-hand to make sure your teams have what they need. That includes: 

  • One on one support to securely deploy Parabol to your IL 4 environment
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • A dedicated support channel for on-demand, personalized help
  • Priority requests, including for new features

Flexible and scalable to suit your needs

You’ll pay annually for flexible usage tiers. That means:

  • You can plan ahead and budget more easily
  • You can add more team members at no extra charge
  • Easy to scale across departments as a government-wide tool

Why Governments Prefer Parabol

An incredible tool to facilitate retrospectives and more (works in person AND remotely)

“Parabol makes retrospectives and other types of brainstorm-cluster-discuss types of meetings really smooth. This tool makes it easy to get a lot done fast, even more effectively than on a board with sticky notes.”

David Kohler

David Kohler

Leadership Trainer, SkyPilots

The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations

“I have been using Parabol for retrospectives for several years and with multiple teams. The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations, and keep our meetings fun and engaging. Parabol is the most comprehensive, yet simple tool I have found”

Daniela Williams

Daniela Williams

Engineering Manager, Trimble

FeaturesParabolDigital whiteboardEasy Retro
40+ pre-built Agile templates
Classified-level security
Structured meeting process for efficiency
Secure integrations
CSV Export

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