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Parabol exists to make work meaningful

Join our fully distributed team and build software that makes every meeting worth the time invested.

Map of the Parabol team and where they all live

Since 2015, our global team has worked to build lovingly crafted, open-source software that helps teams do their best work. We work just as hard on delivering an employee-centric people-first company culture.

“I suspect that most successful tech companies will look more like Parabol in the next ~10 years: highly transparent, value trust, fully remote with retreats, minimal meetings, empowering employees to make company wide changes, etc. These things don’t just make us happier but make business sense – I would bet money that the average tenure at Parabol will drastically exceed the industry average. Everyone is learning a valuable skill by being here and “living in the future.” 

Nick O’Ferrall, Senior Full Stack Developer

By the way, we love anomalies. If you fit between the positions described, or think we should consider a position not yet represented, please contact us and share how you think you can help.

Diversity Statement

In order to best serve our users, we believe the demographics of the people building our product should match the demographics of the ones using it. We’ve set targets for gender representation, and we’re actively working to meet them.

Our Hiring Process

We want to make the interview process as painless and fun as possible. We don’t believe in standard coding questions, whiteboard interviews, or asking pointless brain teaser questions like “are there more doors or wheels in the world?”.

We (Gladly) Comply with U.S. Employment Laws

Classification: We follow and are in full compliance with both IRS and DoL Classifications of “Employee”, “Contractor”, and “Intern”.

Authorization: All new hires—regardless of citizenship—are required to complete a U.S. federal Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9).

Equal Employment Opportunity & Harassment: (TL;DR: Come as you are. Feel welcome. Feel safe.) We are committed to safeguarding our workplace from all forms of discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, disability, military status, or family status. This commitment extends to all aspects of the employment relationship including recruiting, interviewing, selection, hiring, transfers, promotions, training, terminations, working conditions, compensation, and benefits.