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Diversity Statement

The Inside Should Match the Outside

In order to best serve our users, we believe the demographics of the people building our product should match the demographics of the ones using it. As shorthand, we say, “the inside should match the outside.”

Culture evolves continuously and the identities we recognize within society and ourselves change too: today, there are myriad labels that align to nationality, race, religion, family status, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, neurodivergence status, and so many more.

We endeavor for Parabol to be a great place to work no matter which identities people hold.

Reaching gender parity

If we tried to reach equality across every possible identity we’d make progress more slowly than if we focused on narrower dimensions of identity. For this reason, we’ve decided to begin with setting targets for balancing gender representation.

We know achieving gender equality in tech is a challenge but that doesn’t mean that we should give up! We have adopted the following policies in an attempt to improve these metrics:

  • Gender-inclusive interview panels: When we do a panel interview, at least one of the panelists must identify as female, nonbinary, and/or trans.
  • Anonymized resumes: To prevent bias, whenever it’s possible we remove all identifying information from resumes before they’re analyzed by the hiring manager or technical evaluator
  • Diverse sourcing: When we look for candidates, we aim to ensure that at least 25% of them belong to a gender minority
  • Pronoun database: To avoid misgendering anyone, we ask that our employees share with us their preferred pronouns

Always improving!

Do you think we could do better? We agree! We’re always looking for new ways to be more inclusive.

If you’d like to suggest a policy or some other way to improve how diverse we are, feel free to share your feedback at