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More Effective Agile Meetings

Run great agile meetings, whether you’re a pro facilitator or just starting out

Bring Agile Meetings to Life

Parabol puts remote and in-person meeting participants on equal footing, so you can get your team talking and improving.

Digital Boards and Cards

Take charge of your remote meetings with digital Kanban boards, sticky notes, and Planning Poker™ cards. Bring your work to life in a structured online space that’s accessible to team-mates near and far.


Pick from 40+ popular formats for retrospectives and estimation meetings. Save time preparing for your meetings with well-known favorites like Stop, Start, Continue for retros and the Fibonacci scale for estimates or get creative by building your own templates.

Multiplayer Participation

Get the whole team involved in meetings with multiplayer drag-and-drop cards, live task editing, dynamic Agenda Items, emoji reactions, and even discussion threads for quieter team-mates.

Automated Meeting Summaries

Receive an automatic summary at the end of your meeting, so you don’t have to take notes. Catch up quickly if you missed a meeting and track your team’s continuous improvement process.

Get More Done With Focused Discussions

With just a video call, digital whiteboard or shared screen, teams quickly get off track and lose sight of the discussion. Keep teams on track with a structured process and a purpose-built co-pilot.

Build Connections with Your Team

Facilitated Icebreakers (Optional)

Get your team talking with an icebreaker question. Try a randomly selected question at the start of the meeting or get creative and fill in your own. Create a positive atmosphere for your team and build psychological safety.

Team Health Check

Run a lightweight poll at the start of your meeting to check the mood of the room and set the stage. Team members’ votes are revealed anonymously to protect psychological safety.


Encourage open and honest contributions with anonymous retro reflections. Team members can even add anonymous comments in Discussion Threads.

Integrate with Tools You Already Use

Enterprise-ready Security

  • Open Source and Secure: Parabol is open-source and our source code is scrutinized by a growing online community of developers.
  • SAML Single Sign-On: Make it easier for team members to sign-in and give yourself more control over authentication.
  • Public or On-Prem Hosting: Choose where and how you want to host Parabol.

All your agile meetings in one place

Run efficient meetings, get your team talking, and save time. Parabol is free for up to 2 teams.

Make the most of your meetings

Stay inclusive, keep everyone in the loop, and strengthen team culture in-person, remote, or hybrid

Built for Modern Work: Remote, Async and Mobile-First

Connect profoundly in a digital space

Bring your facilitation tools into a digital workspace, and collaborate deeply with your team, wherever they are. Everything an agile team is used to having in an office is ready for you in Parabol.

Engage in your own time

Participate in agile meetings in your own time, wherever or whenever that might be. Open activities early and set deadlines for participation. Use discussion threads to add comments in your own time. Then, spend your valuable synchronous time on the conversation.

Do it all from a browser, even on your phone

Teams on-the-go don’t want to download extra tools or be stuck at a desk. Parabol is a mobile-first browser app, so you can join your team from your phone, tablet or any other device without downloading a thing.