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Free Online Standup Tool for Remote Teams

Standup Meetings that Save Your Team Time

A free online Standup Tool to put everyone on the same page without constant lengthy meetings

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Save your team time while staying up-to-date

No more time-consuming standup meetings – use a more productive way to stay in sync. Try Parabol’s Standup Tool today and experience the difference.

Set a meeting cadence that better suits your team

Schedule your standups based on the preferred recurrence by your team, or even switch days and times in different weeks, to make sure no one has to repeat their same work status over and over again.

Customize your questions or save time using our suggested prompts

Depending on where you are in your sprint, customize your Standup questions to make sure you remove your team’s blockers.

Centralize updates without Slack thread clutter

Stay organized with Parabol’s one-screen approach. Easily access all updates without the clutter of multiple Slack threads. Keep important information in one place and never miss a beat.

Stay accountable and follow updates and tasks with ease

Seamlessly create tasks right within your standup meeting. With accountability at its core, Parabol’s Standup Tool ensures your team stays on track and accomplishes tasks with ease.

Document progress and insights

Receive summaries of every update, creating a valuable resource for tracking progress and referring back to past discussions.

Run all your agile meetings in the same place

Experience the convenience of having all your meetings integrated into one platform. Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools and welcome a streamlined approach that enhances your team’s collaboration and productivity. With Parabol, you can focus on what matters – achieving your goals with ease and efficiency.

Standup Features that Save Your Team Time

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

See How Standup Meetings Work

If you’d like to see how it works before you jump in, we have you covered.

Standup Meetings that Save Your Team Time

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

Built for Modern Work: Remote, Async and Mobile-First

Say goodbye to lengthy meetings, and run Agile Standups with Parabol

Personalize your standups to your remote team needs

Find the flow that works for your team. Easily switch between asynchronous and synchronous standups, enabling team members to contribute at their convenience. Boost collaboration among remote teams, ensuring everyone stays engaged and connected.

Connect profoundly in a digital space

Bring your facilitation tools into a digital workspace, and collaborate deeply with your team, wherever they are. Everything an agile team is used to having in an office is ready for you in Parabol.

Do it all from a browser, even on your phone

Teams on-the-go don’t want to download extra tools or be stuck at a desk. Parabol is a mobile-first browser app, so you can join your team from your phone, tablet or any other device without downloading a thing.

Move past conventional Standups and Slack overwhelm

  • Save time with a pre-built meeting structure and scheduler.
  • Close the loop on your development by capturing takeaway tasks directly on your preferred backlog management tool.
  • Access all updates on one screen, avoiding information loss in Slack threads.
  • Find your standup and updates with a permalink for convenient access.
  • Keep a written record of Standups with automated summaries for future reference.

Put everyone on the same page without lengthy meetings or Slack noise

FeaturesParabolSlack BotVirtual WhiteboardSpreadsheet
Customized and Suggested Questionspurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Built-in Meeting Structurepurple checkmarkpurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Built-in schedulerpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Discussion Threadspurple checkmarkpurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Anonymous Comments on Discussion Threadspurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Automated Summarypurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Slack/Mattermost Integrationspurple checkmarkpurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
GitHub and Jira Integrationspurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
CSV Exportpurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Emoji reactionspurple checkmarkpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
More meeting typespurple checkmarkpurple checkmark

Integrate your Standups with tools you already use

Slot Standups right into your existing workflow.

  • Notify your team when a Standup is starting or ending via Slack or Mattermost
  • Share summaries with your team and stakeholders via Slack or Mattermost
  • Export action items from your task boards to your Jira or GitHub backlog
  • Add a Jira or GitHub task to your update.

Agile Teams Reach Their Goals With Parabol

Discover all the other ways Parabol can help your team or organization reach its goals