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Parabol integrates with your favorite tools

Parabol retrospectives, meetings, and tasks integrate with popular tools like Atlassian Jira, GitHub, Mattermost, and Slack to fit in seamlessly with the way your team works.

Backlog Management

Capture next steps from your meetings directly in your preferred backlog management tool.

Avoid managing multiple tools or relying on notes in another tool – send issues from Parabol directly to your backlog management tool during your meetings. These issues are now ready to be prioritized for an upcoming sprint. 

Close the loop on your development.


Engage your team and stakeholders in your agile ceremonies, with meeting reminders and summaries right on your preferred messaging platform. 

Alert your team when you start a meeting, run meetings asynchronously, and share meeting summaries with your team. 


Manage and schedule your Parabol meetings the easy way with calendar integrations. Eradicate the boring work of wrangling calendars. We’ll help you schedule your meetings and invite participants via calendar, automatically.