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Why Choose Parabol

Find out why Parabol is the go-to choice for teams seeking effective and engaging meetings

Why Parabol

Parabol is the world’s only Agile meeting platform. Parabol helps you run structured, fun, and engaging Agile meetings with your teams. Whether you’re in a remote, hybrid, or distributed team, Parabol has got you covered. With a suite of built-in facilitation tools, running Agile meetings becomes a seamless, fun, easy, and intuitive experience, even if you’re not an expert facilitator.

We’re on a mission to make your time matter by making every meeting worth the time invested. Our ultimate goal is to provide a space where everyone can thrive and enjoy the process of doing their best work.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s why 450,000+ people have already signed up

To facilitate meaningful conversations that drive results

Parabol makes hosting retrospectives with my team incredibly productive.

“There are usually so many different topics and paths we could take the conversation down, but with Parabol, the time we have together is organized and endorsed/voted on by participants in real-time. It is also tremendously helpful from a documentation standpoint with the digest at the end that goes to participants’ emails.”

Sarah Dempsey

Sarah Dempsey

Marketing Manager – Developer Relations, Sonatype

The meeting basically runs itself.

“The meeting basically runs itself – allowing facilitators to focus on the content of the conversations and driving forward the conversation. An invaluable tool. It has all the necessary tools in one place – timers, cards, agenda, and it allows asynchronous brainstorming before you even get in a room together (in-person or digitally)”

Jack Saxton

Jack Saxton

Scrum Master, Hudl

An incredible tool to facilitate retrospectives and more (works in person AND remotely)

“Parabol makes retrospectives and other types of brainstorm-cluster-discuss types of meetings really smooth. This tool makes it easy to get a lot done fast, even more effectively than on a board with sticky notes.”

David Kohler

David Kohler

Leadership Trainer, SkyPilots

The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations

“I have been using Parabol for retrospectives for several years and with multiple teams. The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations, and keep our meetings fun and engaging. Parabol is the most comprehensive, yet simple tool I have found”

Daniela Williams

Daniela Williams

Engineering Manager, Trimble

To run structured meetings, saving time for you and your teams

Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work

“Parabol has made our retrospectives so much smoother. Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work.”

Jean Snow

Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Ubisoft

I love how simple it is to set up and run retros

“I love Parabol. I learned about it a few years ago, and have been an advocate ever since. I love how simple it is to set up and run retros, and how it creates a summary all on its own.”

Dana Jones

Dana Jones

Engineering Manager, Netflix

Meetings are effortless to set up

“Meetings are effortless to set up, and the different options are great for making each retrospective unique. It is also great to be able to go back to the previous meetings and see all the ideas and conversations around them.”

Anamaria Gartmann

Anamaria Gartmann

Software Engineer, Zoe

Great tool for remote, semi-remote, and on-site teams!

“Parabol helps bring structures to my meetings, providing an easy platform to solicit feedback and, more importantly, follow up on action items after the fact.”

Ben Norman

Ben Norman

Director of Consulting Services, Sana Sano Consulting

To inject fun into collaborative work with your teammates

Everything your team needs to host fun, engaging retros, simply.

Does “fun” matter in the software development world? I’d like to think so! And Parabol is that and more. It’s intuitive, easy on the eyes and comes pre-baked with dozens of retro ideas from some of the greatest hits to a few I’ve never heard of before (and I try to read up on retro formats quite a bit). Parabol is a pleasure to use.

Chris Stryshak

Scrum Master, Comcast Business

Parabol has provided us with the one go-to solution for facilitating our meetings.

Even using it with 20+ participants we have a blast! Before that, we tried digital sticky note solutions but only Parabol provided us with every step of a proper retro being represented by a useful integrated functionality. From Ice-Breakers through the reflection phase to the voting, everything is covered in a mindful and smart way. We’re also trying to use it in Poker Plannings which so far has accelerated the process by a lot through its Jira integration.

Florian Fröhlich

Scrum Master, UI/UX Designer, Frontend Engineer, Agrando

To seamlessly connect remote and distributed teams for effective teamwork

Parabol is amazing for managing multi located scrum teams

“Parabol’s workflow is perfectly done, leading the team to get the tasks at the end of the meeting on the things the team has to improve in the next sprint. Its usage and interface is very friendly and easy to be used.”

Irena Todorova

Irena Todorova

Project Manager / Scrum Master, Agitavit Solutions d.o.o.

Remote retro like a pro, and there’s more!

“It enables us to run smooth retros with our remote teams and customize the flow to our specific needs. It also centralizes action items for easy reference, and integrates with our work tools like Jira and Github. Adoption is easy and intuitive: no change management skills required, your team will love it.”

François Biron

François Biron

Senior Manager of App Development, Ssense

To effortlessly adopt a new tool without the hassle of change management

Greatest retro tool I used (15y in the trenches)

“Ease of use. Very pleasent to look at and work with. Minimalistic approach. Availability of ways to do a retro with lots of templates.”

Tomasz Niemiec

Tomasz Niemiec

Scrum Master

Easy to use, useful retrospective features, looks cute

“I like the ability to seamlessly add thoughts, group them and vote on them. Icebreakers are handy and not overdone/cheesy. The interface is slick and easy to use.”

Teresa Talbot

Teresa Talbot

Software Engineer, ZOE Limited

Best retrospective tool

“Retrospective meetings are properly done in a highly productive manner. It’s simple, easy to use, and very easy to track progress on actionable items. – We love 💜 Parabol”

Syam S

Product Development Lead, NTUC Enterprise

Very useful when my team went fully remote

“It’s easy to use, the templates they have cover 99.9% of situations, and you can create your own templates. You can have a meeting running in seconds.”

Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martinez

Senior Software Engineer, Expereo

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