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The Team Health Tool for Agile Organizations

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Keep the Pulse of Your Team Health

Measure your team health and commit to continuous improvement, sustainable pace, and improved employee engagement, all within your Parabol retrospective

Check the mood before your retrospective


  • Run instead of – or in addition to – Parabol’s icebreaker phase
  • Check in on team mood before your retro to prime the conversation
  • Easy to engage with – just select an emoji

Maintain and improve psychological safety

  • Individual responses are anonymous to encourage openness
  • Team members can choose to vote or abstain 
  • Aggregate and anonymised results are shared transparently to build a shared understanding of your team health and shared ownership of team well-being

Team health integrated as part of your meeting

  • Get a sense of team health directly in your retrospectives
  • No additional tools needed to check team health before or during your meeting
  • Easy to use with no prep or special facilitation skill needed for scrum masters or team leads
  • Multiple templates to tailor your team health check (coming soon)

Spot early warning signs of burnout

  • See your team health score on your meeting summary
  • Monitor whether you are working at a sustainable pace 
  • Track your team’s mood metrics over time to see patterns
  • Follow up your team health with a mood or energy-focused retrospective from Parabol’s template library

Healthy Teams are Productive Teams

Teams around the world are using Parabol’s team health feature to improve teamwork, ensure a sustainable pace of work, and improve employee well-being.

Parabol makes hosting retrospectives with my team incredibly productive.

“There are usually so many different topics and paths we could take the conversation down, but with Parabol, the time we have together is organized and endorsed/voted on by participants in real-time. It is also tremendously helpful from a documentation standpoint with the digest at the end that goes to participants’ emails.”

Sarah Dempsey

Sarah Dempsey

Marketing Manager – Developer Relations, Sonatype

Using Parabol, our teams are getting more consistent velocity

“Using Parabol, our teams are getting more consistent velocity in their sprints, their committed versus planned is more consistent, and their effort is more in line with what they’re setting out to do. It’s made a massive difference. Our retrospective and sprint planning meetings are more consistent, productive, and enjoyable. It keeps our meetings flowing, no matter who is leading them.”

David Murphy

David Murphy

Engineering Director, Ebury

An incredible tool to facilitate retrospectives and more (works in person AND remotely)

“Parabol makes retrospectives and other types of brainstorm-cluster-discuss types of meetings really smooth. This tool makes it easy to get a lot done fast, even more effectively than on a board with sticky notes.”

David Kohler

David Kohler

Leadership Trainer, SkyPilots

The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations

“I have been using Parabol for retrospectives for several years and with multiple teams. The icebreakers and various retro templates help foster new conversations, and keep our meetings fun and engaging. Parabol is the most comprehensive, yet simple tool I have found”

Daniela Williams

Daniela Williams

Engineering Manager, Trimble

Set Your Team Up for Success

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

Agile Teams Reach Their Goals With Parabol

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