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Structured Online Meetings for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Better Team Meetings, Less Effort

Your free online meeting co-pilot to keep team check-ins on track

Bring Structure to Your Virtual Team Meetings

Take your meetings to the next level – beyond a whiteboard or a video call

Resolve your questions with a collaborative meeting agenda

Empower your teams with a collaborative agenda that anyone can contribute to. Make virtual meetings more democratic and ensure they genuinely serve your team – not just “the boss”.

Make your agenda more collaborative from the start:

  • Any team member can add agenda items before or during the meeting
  • Team members can pin recurring agenda items 
  • Avatars show who added each agenda item

Get everyone talking with an (optional) icebreaker

Get quiet teams or team members engaged with a random icebreaker question. Refresh if you want another option, or fill in your own question.

Share updates to celebrate progress

Start your meeting by hearing each team member‘s progress: 

  • Everyone can share their work, celebrate success, and hold themselves accountable for their own progress. 
  • Team members listening to updates gain valuable context on what’s happening across the team.

Agenda functionality lets teams add questions or topics for further discussion.

Resolve blockers with discussions and takeaway tasks

Work through each agenda item, asking the person who added it, “What do you need?”. 

  • Team members explain what they’re looking for – information, help, a decision – and get what they need from their teammates. 
  • Anyone can create tasks directly in Parabol to move from discussion to action. 

Sync issues directly to Jira, GitHub or GitLab before you even leave the meeting.

Connect Team Meetings to Daily Work

Document meeting discussions in one place

Let everyone participate in the meeting discussion by note-taking together in real time

  • Add comments to capture key discussion points as meeting notes
  • Reply or add reactions to give non-verbal feedback 👏👏👏
  • Comment anonymously to share feedback you’d otherwise leave unsaid 

You can even run team meetings entirely asynchronously using these same discussion thread features.

Organize tasks in your existing apps

Tasks added during your meeting integrate into your existing workflows in tools like Jira, GitHub and GitLab, before the meeting even ends. 

  • Send tasks to your favorite task management tool. Changes made in those tools will reflect in Parabol!  
  • Manage other to-dos with a built-in Kanban board directly in Parabol. View and manage tasks from across your teams in one spot. 
  • Automatically archive tasks in the Done column after your meeting – keep the plate clear for the next set of work

Stay updated with automatic meeting notes

Review your team meeting or catch up if you were out.  Parabol’s automated summary includes:

  • The number of tasks completed,
  • Agenda items covered,
  • Who participated, and 
  • What takeaway tasks each team member  owns. 

Save time and effort getting everyone on the same page, and let stakeholders stay connected without taking up time in their busy calendars.

See your team’s meeting history in one place

With real-time documentation through discussion threads, teams never have to remember how these conversations went – it’s all stored in Parabol. 

  • Access a chronological record of your team’s meeting history
  • Revisit the summary or the full discussion at any time. 
  • Export your learnings as CSV to analyze trends, upload them into another tool, or share with another group.

Make your Meetings Worth the Time

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

Structured Virtual Meetings to Get Your Remote Team Talking

FeaturesParabolCollaborative DocumentProject Management Tool
Facilitated icebreakerpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Built-in meeting structurepurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Collaborative agendapurple checkmark
Guided topic discussionpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Takeaway taskspurple checkmarkred 'x' for no
Automated meeting summarypurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
GitHub and GitLab integrationpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
Jira integrationpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no
CSV exportpurple checkmarkred 'x' for nored 'x' for no

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