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Microsoft Teams Integration for Agile Meetings

Engage your team in your agile meetings via Microsoft Teams

Automate meeting reminders and summaries right on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Integration is on Beta Preview! If you want to test the Microsoft Teams integration, contact us and have this integration turned on!

Automatically alert your team when you start a meeting

Your team already collaborates and stays connected in Microsoft Teams. Automatically notify teammates when a sprint retrospective or agile estimation meeting begins by connecting your team in Parabol to the relevant Microsoft Teams channel.

Run meetings asynchronously 

If your team is spread across many timezones, you might want to run meetings async – making use of Parabol’s structured process while giving members the flexibility to reflect, group, vote, estimate, or discuss in their own time.

In Parabol, set a deadline for completing each phase, and remind everyone to leave their feedback with helpful notifications in Microsoft Teams when the time limit starts and ends.

Keep everyone – from Anaheim 🇺🇸 to Zachimi 🇯🇵 – included automatically.

Share a meeting summary with your team 

Parabol automatically sends an email summary to the whole team for every meeting, including those who weren’t around.

For retrospective meetings, the detailed summary shows the number of reflections, topics, and tasks that came out of the meeting, who participated, and what takeaway tasks each participant owns. For estimation meetings, meeting summaries include all the issues estimated and their final score.

With the Microsoft Teams integration, everyone following your designated channel will see a meeting summary directly in Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s teammates or stakeholders across the organization, keep everyone in the loop easily.

Work happens on Microsoft Teams – bring your meetings where your team is 

Microsoft Teams helps you align your team, tools, and processes across each stage of the development lifecycle. With Parabol, you can raise the bar on the quality of your meetings.

Bring the power of Parabol to the place where you’re already working.

MS Teams Integration Access Form

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