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Free Post-Mortem Tool for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Turn Setbacks into Opportunities with Parabol

Prevent mistakes from happening again with ready-to-run Post-Mortems

Parabol makes it easy to run productive Post-Mortems and take action on your team’s learnings

Learn from mistakes and take actionable steps to prevent future issues

Choose a ready-made template – or create your own

Get started in seconds, by picking from our library of Post-Mortem templates

Share honest feedback in a psychologically safe space

Encourage open and honest contributions with anonymous or non-anonymous reflections. Team members can also add anonymous comments in Discussion Threads.

Collaborate to easily discover patterns as a team

Get the whole team involved in spotting common themes, with multiplayer drag-and-drop cards. Group themes together by clustering related ideas. 

Prioritize what matters most with democratic voting

Keep Post-Mortem meetings democratic and fair with anonymous voting. Learn what your team wants to talk about and give everyone a voice.

Hold an open discussion on improvement opportunities

Review themes and align on the biggest issues. Discuss in person or asynchronously with dedicated conversation threads that support introverts and extroverts alike.

Define next steps to improve your projects

Create an action plan to increase the success of your future projects. Capture reflections and solutions into Parabol and send them directly to your project management tool.

Automatic meeting minutes sent to your inbox

Stay focused on the meeting discussion, and let us handle the note-taking. Parabol will automatically send meeting minutes, the documented ideas, and takeaway tasks in a helpful summary when you’re done.

Run Actionable, Structured, Post-Mortems With No Prep Time

Shift your team’s approach to problem-solving with ready-to-run Post-Mortems

Why choose Parabol for your next Post-Mortem?

  • Save time with a pre-built meeting structure that helps you focus on problem-solving
  • Capture takeaway tasks directly in your preferred project management tool 
  • Stay updated with automatic meeting notes
  • See your team’s meeting history in one place so you can observe trends over time

Post-Mortem Meetings that Maximize Collaboration and Actionable Insights

Parabol’s Post-Mortems come with a toolkit of features designed to help your team identify root causes and drive lasting improvements

FeaturesParabolVirtual Whiteboard
Post-Mortem templatespurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Facilitated icebreakerpurple checkmark
Optional anonymous inputpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Timerpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Takeaway tasks purple checkmark
Anonymous votingpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Automated meeting minutespurple checkmark
Project Management integrationspurple checkmark
Chat integrationspurple checkmark
CSV Exportpurple checkmark

Capture takeaway tasks and send them directly to your project management tool – for Free!

  • Capture potential problems and solutions for your projects directly into your preferred project management tool.
  • Engage your team and stakeholders, with meeting reminders and summaries right in MS Teams, Slack, or Mattermost.

Explore more ways to use Parabol 

Running meetings can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Parabol’s built-in structure helps you streamline your meetings and take action on your insights.