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Jira Integration for Agile Meetings

Sync your meeting outcomes to Atlassian Jira

Run powerful agile ceremonies with Parabol, then add follow-up issues and story points in Jira without leaving the meeting.

Send tasks to Jira without leaving your retrospective

Parabol fits with your existing Jira workflow. During your Parabol retrospective, decide on next steps and sync them directly to your backlog in Jira during your meeting.

Export tasks to Atlassian Jira

If you’re managing multiple projects or backlogs, you can quickly select the target Jira project before sending the task over – keeping everything organized. 

In future retrospective or team check-in meetings, you can see which tasks are managed in Jira, and click through to see what progress you’ve made since your last meeting. 

Pull in stories from Jira, estimate, and sync back automatically

Pull your Jira stories into Parabol’s Sprint Poker meeting, estimate them together, and export your Story Points Estimate right back home to your Jira project.

Select stories from Jira to estimate in Sprint Poker

Parabol’s two-way integration lets you pick Jira stories to estimate within Parabol. Search for the stories you want to estimate using Jira’s basic search or JQL to create an estimation agenda for your team.

Estimate your Jira stories within Parabol. No need to refer back to Jira because Parabol will pull in the details of your stories – keeping everyone on the same page.  

Once you’ve decided on your final estimates as a team, we’ll take care of exporting them back to the Jira field you choose – automatically. 

Estimate stories from Atlassian Jira with Parabol

A process that works with your workflow 

Atlassian Jira is the industry leader in developer tools for agile teams. But it doesn’t provide tools to run retrospectives or agile estimation meetings – critical ceremonies for healthy agile teams. 

Atlassian Jira stories integrated on Parabol task board

With Parabol, you can raise the bar for sprint retros and estimation meetings and bring new powerful insights to improve your Jira workflow.