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Agile Ceremonies for Remote Teams 

Parabol makes it easy for you to run a great agile meeting, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.

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Agile Ceremonies for Remote Teams

Built for Agile Teams

A video call, online whiteboard or shared screen isn’t enough for the structured agile meetings that you hold regularly. 

Cobbling together multi-purpose tools gets confusing and messy. Worst of all, it takes longer and yields lackluster results. As a facilitator, the burden falls on you to spend extra time preparing constantly, and if it doesn’t go well, that reflects on you too. 

With a purpose-built tool, you can save time and run more effective agile ceremonies.

Online Retrospectives That Get Teams Talking

Online Retrospectives That Get Teams Talking 

Scrum masters and team leads can conduct powerful guided sprint retrospectives. Continuous improvement is the dream. Now make it a reality. 

  • Reflect on your work together: Anonymous reflections let everyone speak their mind. 
  • Discover themes as a team: Multi-player grouping keeps everyone engaged and gives the whole team a chance to find common patterns. 
  • Vote on what matters most: Decide what issues are most pressing by voting together. 
  • Take action to improve: Discuss the most important themes and create action items.  

With optional icebreakers, built-in or custom templates, and integrations with tools like Jira and GitHub, Parabol lets your team start improving in a snap.

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Check-In meetings that keep your team on track

Check-Ins That Keep Your Team on Track

Get updated and unblock one another in an efficient and democratic scrum meeting. 

  • Share individual progress: Solo updates let team members share their work, celebrate accomplishments and ask for help when they need it. 
  • Raise and discuss agenda items: Anyone can add agenda items before or during the meeting to have their concerns heard and resolved. Add next steps in Parabol during your meeting and post them directly to GitHub or Jira. 

Optional icebreakers get your team actively contributing and automated meeting summaries help your team document their progress together.

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Planning Poker meetings to set teams up for success

Sprint Poker That Sets Teams Up for Success 🆕

Lead teams through an intuitive, lightweight Planning-Poker-style estimation process using an interactive card deck. 

  • Bring estimation to life virtually: Connect in a virtual space, estimate stories using a familiar deck of cards, and make planning decisions together.

  • Directly connect to Jira: Pull in stories directly from Jira and sync estimates directly back, with no extra effort.  

  • Customize it to suit your team: Choose from built-in agile estimation scales and techniques, or create-your-own. 

Sprint Poker works with your Jira workflow, so you can estimate easily in one place while keeping all your estimates where they belong. That means no more friction switching between tools or balancing multiple windows.

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Agile Ceremonies Tailor-Made for Remote Teams

Whether it's time-zone differences, lack of personal connection or the difficulty of keeping everyone on the same page in your meetings, teams with remote members face unique challenges. 

Parabol is designed to help your team face up to those challenges and run better remote meetings every single time.

facilitated icebreakers

Facilitated Icebreakers 

Get your team talking with an icebreaker question. Try a randomly selected question at the start of the meeting, refresh if you want another option, or get creative and fill in your own. As the team answer, you create a positive atmosphere and build psychological safety.

async friendly


From time-boxing to comment threads, teammates can participate in agile ceremonies in their own time, wherever or whenever that might be. With Parabol your team can estimate stories in Sprint Poker or add reflections in Retrospectives before a synchronous meeting. That means you can spend your valuable synchronous time on the important conversations.

automated meeting summaries

Automated Summary 

Automated meeting notes keep the team on the same page. Since no one needs to spend the meeting typing minutes, the whole team can be fully present. Team members who were out sick or had to skip receive a summary in their inbox so they can get back up to speed in minutes.

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