Distributed Teams

Build culture and prioritize tasks across multiple time zones. Parabol helps remote and geographically-dispersed teams create high-performance habits through software-facilitated retrospectives and check-in meetings. Take on the world—even if you're a world apart.

SMBs & Startups

Keep leaders, new hires, contractors, consultants, and advisors aligned on the right things. Parabol is a cost-effective, collaborative, and personable way to manage a growing team while transitioning from founder-led practices to high-performance team-led practices. 

Product Teams

Parabol is a multiplayer, responsive platform to prioritize and coordinate across functions in a single dashboard. Our transformative Retrospectives enable team growth through guided reflection, while our powerful Action Meetings improve transparency, autonomy, and accountability.

Global Enterprise

End tension and misalignment between the home office and regional teams. Parabol’s software-facilitated meetings and task dashboards keep all of your teams organized, executing, and improving together: within teams, across teams, and around the world.

Nonprofits & NGOs

Bring program leadership, project coordinators, administrators, field staff, and consultants together in a single dashboard. Parabol is a nimble, cost-effective, and comprehensive way to coordinate across programs and field locations, and rapidly respond to shifting stakeholder priorities.

Student Teams

Parabol is a non-hierarchical way to launch and manage rapid-cycle projects while juggling multiple teams, classes, and timetables. Unify new collaborators in a single dashboard where deliverables are clearly defined, easily assigned, and collectively tracked.