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Features & Summaries

How to find meeting summaries and use in-meeting features



How to Set a Meeting Timer

You may want to set a time limit or deadline when you'd like feedback. If you're collecting reflections throughout a sprint, you may want this feedback before your sprint ends or before your real-time retrospective meeting starts.

As a facilitator, in a meeting, select the ⏰ Timer bottom at the bottom of the screen:


This will open a panel where you can set a Time Limit - that's the deadline that team members have for submitting feedback.


Team members will be notified of the Time Limit in Parabol. If you are using the Slack integration, you have the option to send a notification via Slack as well.

When the Time Limit expires, you can add more time, or move on to the next phase. These are both actions the Facilitator can take.


How to Find your Meeting Summary



Parabol generates an automatic meeting summary at the end of all meetings.

To locate your meeting summaries:

1. Navigate to the Timeline and click 'review & summary' on the meeting you want to revisit


Parabol Meeting Summary Location in Timeline


2. Meeting summaries are emailed to all team members, so simply search "Parabol Summary" in your inbox. 



How to Export Meeting Data to CSV


Parabol lets you export the data from your retrospective or check-in meeting to CSV format.

This allows you to collate your week over week data and perform your own analyses on it.

  1. When you complete a meeting, Parabol automatically generates a Meeting Summary. First, navigate your personal timeline and click the button "review a summary" on the appropriate meeting.

  2. Click the 'export to CSV' button under the 'Go to Team Dashboard' button.


3. 🎉 Et voila! Your meeting summary will download in CSV so you can run your own analyses.