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How to set up a Parabol-Jira integration

Parabol Jira integration step 1

Select the team you wish to integrate and select 'Settings & Integrations'

Parabol Jira Integration Step 2

From the 'Integrations' tab, select to 'Connect' Atlassian

Parabol Jira Integration Step 3

The Parabol application will open. Select the site you wish to authorize and hit 'Accept'

When you have integrated Parabol and Jira, you will no longer see the 'Connect' button next to Atlassian but the Logo, indicating that the integration is successfulParabol Jira Integration Step 4


How to send tasks to Jira from Parabol

From the team page, you will now see the option to integrate your cards via this button on the lower righthand side of each card

Parabol Jira Integration Step 5

Cards that have been successfully ported to Jira will show these arrows in the bottom righthand side.

Parabol Jira Integration Step 6

Cards will then show as issues in Jira. From this point onwards they will be read-only within Parabol, so you can maintain version control in Jira. 

Parabol Jira Integration Step 7


How to select Jira stories for estimation

When you have started a Sprint Poker meeting, Parabol will prompt you to import stories from Jira or from within Parabol. 

If you have not yet set up the Jira integration you will see this image:



Note that Parabol integrates with Jira Cloud, but not Jira Server. If you'd like to see a Jira Server integration, please let us know. 

To connect your account, simply click "Import stories from Jira" to begin the authentication process. 

Once your Jira account is connected you will have the option to select the stories you wish to import for estimation. You can search for these using basic search or JQL.

This process can be done asynchronously before you begin the meeting with your team.


Selected issues will populate on the left hand navigation, creating your meeting agenda. 


How to synchronize estimates back to Jira 

During the Sprint Poker meeting your team will estimate effort for the stories you have imported. The facilitator can set the final estimate and choose where to send this in Jira. 


You can set Jira to update any field you choose. Press update to synchronize the changes back to Jira. 

When you open Jira, your estimate will have automatically updated within the appropriate story. 



How to set up a Parabol-GitHub integration


Parabol’s GitHub integration lets teams send new tasks directly from Parabol to GitHub. 

To set up this integration head to your team and click on the ‘Settings & Integrations’ button. 

Settings and integrations button in Parabol

Next, click ‘Connect’ to initiate the integration between Parabol and GitHub.

Parabol Slack integration panel

You will now be redirected to an authorization page. 


Accept the permissions and your integration should now be connected.


How to send tasks to GitHub from Parabol

On individual task cards click the arrow button. A drop-down menu will give the option to port your task to GitHub.

GitHub integration in Parabol

Cards that have been successfully ported to GitHub will have the GitHub Octocat watermark.


How to set up a Parabol-Slack integration

Parabol’s Slack integration allows the meeting facilitator to notify the whole team that a meeting has started by sending a notification in Slack. 

Parabol sends two notifications to Slack:

  1. When a meeting has started 
  2. When a meeting has ended


Both notifications include a link into the meeting so participants can contribute or review what has already been discussed. 

To set up a Slack integration head to your team and click on the ‘Settings & Integrations’ button. 

Settings and integrations button in Parabol

Next, click ‘Connect’ to initiate the integration between Parabol and Slack.

Parabol Slack integration panel

You will now be redirected to an authorization page.

Authorization of Parabol access to Slack

On this page you can select which thread you would like meeting notifications to be sent to. 

Set your channel for Parabol-Slack integration

Your Slack integration should now be up and running. Next time you start a meeting the team will be notified directly in Slack. 

You can alter your preferences in the same ‘Settings & Integrations’ section of your team. Here you can pause notifications or select which ones you want to be sent to Slack.

Parabol-Slack integration configuration