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How to select Jira stories for estimation

When you have started a Sprint Poker meeting, Parabol will prompt you to import stories from Jira or from within Parabol. 

If you have not yet set up the Jira integration you will see this image:

screenshot of the import from Jira button

Note that Parabol integrates with Jira Cloud, but not Jira Server. If you’d like to see a Jira Server integration, please let us know. 

To connect your account, simply click “Import stories from Jira” to begin the authentication process. 

Once your Jira account is connected you will have the option to select the stories you wish to import for estimation. You can search for these using basic search or JQL.

This process can be done asynchronously before you begin the meeting with your team.

screenshot of the issue picker with tickets from Jira

Selected issues will populate on the left hand navigation, creating your meeting agenda. 

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