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How to set up a Parabol-Mattermost integration

Parabol’s Mattermost integration allows the meeting facilitator to send the team and stakeholders meeting reminders and summaries via Mattermost. 

screenshot of a mattermost notification

Notifications include a link to the meeting so participants can contribute or review what has already been discussed. 

To set up the Mattermost integration head to the Mattermost channel you want to add the Parabol integration to.

Next, click on Channels and “Integrations,” 

screenshot of setting up an integration in mattermost

And go to “Incoming Webhooks”.

screenshot of integration list in mattermost

Then click on the “Add Incoming Webhook” button. 

screenshot of webhook list in mattermost

Give it a name and select the appropriate channel.

screenshot of webhook naming in mattermost

Click Save, and you will have a link generated.

example of mattermost webhook url

Now, go into Parabol, and select the team that you want to add the integration to, and click on ‘Settings & Integrations’.

Parabol dashboard, highlighting integrations link under team name

Go to the Mattermost row and click “Connect.”

Parabol screenshot highlighting connect button beside mattermost name

On the Mattermost Webhook field, paste the link you generated on Mattermost, and click the “Update” button.

Parabol screenshot showing where to paste mattermost webhook url

When you go back to your Mattermost channel, it will show you that the integration was added successfully.

screenshot of Parabol notification in Mattermost that connection is successful

Your Mattermost integration is now up and running. Next time you start a meeting the team will be notified directly in Mattermost. 


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