High-Performance Team Coaching

Fewer meetings, greater accountability, reduced tension, and improved process. In just 4 weeks.


A Parabol Expert Coach joins your team via video, on your schedule. Together we'll develop new collaboration habits to help your team meet its objectives. Here's how we work:

First, we'll conduct a Retrospective session to discover your team's strengths and weaknesses, establish themes, upvote discussion topics, and collaborate on solutions to improve the way you work together. The action plan created from this Retrospective will be captured on your shared Team Dashboard.

Next, we’ll lead your team’s first four Action Meetings (daily or weekly) to create new habits of transparency, autonomy, and accountability, using that same Team Dashboard and our personable, rapid-fire check-in process.

Then, to support your new culture of continuous improvement we'll facilitate a closing Retrospective to gauge how the new habits are "sticking" and where the team still has opportunities to improve.


1 x kickoff Retrospective

4 x Action Meetings

1 x closing Retrospective
  • Team Dashboard 
  • Instant meeting summaries
  • Written feedback on observed team dynamics
  • Ability to request accelerated new product features

USD $3,000

USD $1,500


  • “I joined a team coached by Parabol and I was blown away at how smoothly the meetings ran. People held themselves accountable and things got done. We started looking into where else we could use Parabol...”

    Joseph Rosenfeld
  • “We tried Parabol coaching services to retool the way our leadership operates and it's been great. In 4 weeks we were running like a top: our meetings are much shorter, priorities and accountabilities are clear. The team loved the experience!”

    Adam Pisoni
  • Parabol's coaching and software was the key to unlocking performance within the NewsPicks leadership team. Our meetings went from business-as-usual to focused, fun, and productive. Each week we know where we're at, where we're going to go next, and who's responsible for each step to take us there. We've been recommending Parabol to everyone.”

    Ian Myers