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New Features Retrospective Templates Agile Retrospectives

New: Color-code reflections in sprint retros

Stop lights. Poisonous frogs. Moldy bread. Every day, colors help direct our attention so we can make smarter decisions. In our digital lives, they pl...

Agile Retrospectives

How Often Should You Run a Sprint Retrospective?

There are approximately 55 million meetings per day in the United States alone, yet, 71% of senior managers say that meetings are unproductive and ine...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

New: Customize voting settings for more effective retrospectives

The sprint retrospective format - which is built-in to Parabol - follows a standard process to facilitate productive team discussions:

Agile Retrospectives

5 Easy Tips for Perfectly Sized Remote Retrospectives

With the advent of web conferencing software and shared documents, many of the barriers to running a great agile retrospective are gone:

New Features Agile Retrospectives

New: Discussion Threads for Retrospectives

With the whole world trying remote work on a previously unimaginable scale, interest in asynchronous communication has spiked. We're a fully distribut...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

Flexible Retrospective Grouping and Enterprise SSO

We’ve made Parabol great by listening to you. No feedback was clearer than how you wanted to group and theme reflections gathered during a retrospecti...

howto Agile Retrospectives Remote Work

How to Run an Agile Retrospective Meeting for Remote Teams

Agile Retrospectives

How to Run a Postmortem or Retrospective on a Big Project

Your team has been heads down for months, but now, you’ve passed a big milestone. Perhaps you’ve launched your new product—or, even a new venture. Eve...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

Best-in-class Retrospectives for Jira

Our goal is to create the best retrospective and meeting app, period. We knew we must integrate with the tools teams use so we work within their work ...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

Demo Our Retrospective Meeting Tool - No Account Needed

Try It, Share It, No Account Needed Trying something new as a team is a big investment. That's why we created an interactive demo, so that anybody can...