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Account Management

Learn how to manage your organization and its users



All Teams on Parabol belong to an Organization. An Organization allows you to manage the users associated with your Parabol account as well as your Organization's billing details.

New Organizations can be created when you create a new Team. Organizations are useful if you'd like to separate the billing details for different departments or clients within your company.


Finding your Organization

When you're not in a meeting, you'll find your avatar menu in the Parabol's top bar. Click it, and it will raise a menu. Click on “Organizations"

Locate your org in Parabol

Then, you'll be brought to a display that will show all of the Organizations associated with your user.

Click on any gear icon in order to the see the details of an Oraganization.

Organizations list in Parabol


Managing your Users

Click on the Members tab to view all the users associated with your Organization:

Parabol Billing Leader

The switch allows you to mark a user as inactive. If you Organization has been upgraded to a Parabol Pro account, marking them as inactive will prorate the usage associated with this user for the remainder of the billing cycle until they log in again.

Clicking on the “three dots menu” will raise additional options for managing the user:

Manage users in Parabol


Promoting a user to Billing Leader

If a user is promoted to hold the Billing Leader role within a Parabol Organization, they can update billing details and remote users from the Parabol Organization.

Multiple users may hold the Billing Leader role.


Removing users from an Organization

If you remove a user from an Organization they will be removed from all of the Organization's teams and receive an in-app notification.

All Parabol Tasks assigned to that user will automatically be re-assigned to the Team Lead.


Upgrading to Parabol Pro

Here are a few steps to upgrade your Parabol account from the free to Pro plan. 

  1. Log into Parabol and navigate to your avatar.
  2. Click on your avatar and navigate to the ‘Upgrade to Pro’ option.

Navigate to upgrade tab

3. Click and find the organization you wish to upgrade.
4. Click ‘Upgrade to Pro’ on your organization.

Choose org to upgrade

5. On the next screen you may review the members on your team by clicking the 'members' tab.

Upgrade page

Review team members

6. When you’ve checked your organization’s members, switch back to the billing tab, click ‘Upgrade Now’ and enter your card details.


Open credit card modal

7. Pro tier membership will be immediately applied to your account.


If you have any issues during the process please write to and a member of our team will be on hand to help you. Alternatively, write in through the chat function on our homepage. 

If you want to upgrade your entire company to Pro, please ask your Parabol account manager to to merge everyone in your organization. That way, there's no need to upgrade multiple different organizations.