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Managing your Users

Click on the Members tab to view all the users associated with your Organization:

The switch allows you to mark a user as inactive. If you Organization has been upgraded to a Parabol Team account, marking them as inactive will prorate the usage associated with this user for the remainder of the billing cycle until they log in again.

Clicking on the “three dots menu” will raise additional options for managing the user:

Promoting a user to Billing Leader

If a user is promoted to hold the Billing Leader role within a Parabol Organization, they can update billing details and remove users from the Parabol Organization.

Multiple users may hold the Billing Leader role.

Removing users from an Organization

If you remove a user from an Organization they will be removed from all of the Organization’s teams and receive an in-app notification.

All Parabol Tasks assigned to that user will automatically be re-assigned to the Team Lead.

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