🚀 Shipped it! Reactji & meeting renaming

We recently shipped the first version of adding Reactji to reflection cards 🎉. We heard folks want a way to add sentiment and other creative forms of feedback on cards, apart from ranking. Now you can add Reactji to a reflection during the Discuss phase of the Retro meeting.


Renaming a meeting


We also released the ability to rename a meeting. You can change the name at any time once a meeting has started. Folks have asked for this as a way to better distinguish one meeting from another, especially in the dashboard and its timeline. We expect this will become more important as we add new meeting types and customizations.

Get in touch

We want to hear from you. Your feedback has been essential to shaping and improving the UX of our software. Until then, happy meeting from the product team at Parabol!

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Jordan Husney

Jordan Husney spent 20+ years helping technology serve people. His passion for collaboration, agile development, and remote teams led him to start Parabol, a free online retrospective tool.