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Friday Ship

#223 – Minor Releases

This week we shipped v5.18.0 to production. While the bulk of the team is focused on developing our Sprint Poker meeting type, we’re still managing to...

Backlog Refinement

7 Product Backlog Tips to Make Work Flow

Ask ten agile teams how they do backlog refinement and you’ll likely get ten different answers. How you do this most unusual of agile processes depend...

#222 – Discussion Work

This week, we resolved a tricky product design issue into next steps.

Agile Retrospectives

Post-mortems vs Retrospectives: What’s the Difference?

Picture this. After months of work, you’re done. Your big feature or project has been released, customers are reaping the rewards of your work and you...

Friday Ship

#221 – Building Empathy

This week we rounded out some research on user empathy.

Backlog Refinement

Working with the Product Backlog

Imagine for a second that you were a superhero and you could see into the future. What would you do with the power of foresight? 🦸‍♀️ 

Friday Ship

#220 – Parabol Turns 5

New Features Retrospective Templates Agile Retrospectives

New: Share Custom Templates with your Organization or the World! 🌍

Parabol comes with five retrospective templates out of the box, but we’ve heard from you that folks want to share Retro templates with other teams in ...

Friday Ship

#219 – Sharing

This week we released the ability to share retrospective meeting templates across your organization, or even the 🌍.

Backlog Refinement

What is Backlog Refinement?

Have you ever held a project planning meeting where nobody knew which tasks to prioritise? Where nobody wanted to say how long they thought something ...

Friday Ship

#218 – Sprint #62

This week, we kicked off a new sprint and made some adjustments to the way we do sprint planning.

What is transparency?

Our clients were a new management team in charge of marketing for a multi-billion dollar consumer brand. They had just brought the majority of their c...