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Friday Ship

Friday Ship 200: Four Years of Startup Transparency

This marks our 200th Friday Ship – 200 posts spanning 4 years of our company. This felt like a good time to reflect on why we do this and how far we’v...

Friday Ship

Let's Discuss

This week, we shipped our threaded discussion feature into production. Communications are at the heart of any team and especially for remote teams. Fo...

New Features

New: Discussion Threads for Retrospectives

With the whole world trying remote work on a previously unimaginable scale, interest in asynchronous communication has spiked. We're a fully distribut...

Friday Ship

The Great Work from Home Experiment

This week, we published our guide for adapting to remote work. With so many people trying remote work for the first time, we wanted to share our pract...

Everyone is remote sometimes: 5 questions for remote success

A few years ago, I was managing an engineering lead who was leading a team through a big transformation – starting to work with designers, moving to a...

Friday Ship


This week we completed our first 2-week sprints with new team members.

Friday Ship

S.P.A. 14 – Los Angeles

Last week our team got together in Los Angeles, California for our 14th quarterly team retreat.


Async Decision Making Process Using Slack

An organization is nothing more than the sum of what people decide to do with their collective resources, over time. If people choose wisely, the orga...

New Features

Running multiple meetings from a new UI

Running multiple meetings on a team Some of our users want to open a retrospective meeting on their team to collect feedback over the course of their ...

New Features

🚀 Shipped it! Reactji & meeting renaming

We recently shipped the first version of adding Reactji to reflection cards 🎉. We heard folks want a way to add sentiment and other creative forms of...

New Features

Meeting Lobby Updates

Two frequently requested features have been additional meeting types and the ability to have multiple meetings running at the same time for the same t...

New Features

Flexible Retrospective Grouping and Enterprise SSO

We’ve made Parabol great by listening to you. No feedback was clearer than how you wanted to group and theme reflections gathered during a retrospecti...