Parabol for Distributed Teams

Sharing an office isn't the only way to share context

"Parabol fundamentally transformed our business. I can’t imagine how we functioned without it. We’re never going back! — Mike Arauz | Co-Founder @ August Public


Create culture and prioritize tasks across multiple time zones. Parabol is perfect for distributed and remote teams. In just 30 minutes: share accomplishments, make a forward plan, and work on taking on the world together—even if you're a world apart. Parabol makes remote teams work.


How It Works

Watch the video to the left to learn how Parabol's Dashboard and Meeting process improve team collaboration. Click here to download a PDF to share and discuss with your team.

Multiplayer team meetings

Fun & Powerful Team Meetings

Never again fight to get a word in edgewise, or leave a meeting without a crystal-clear plan. Parabol's facilitated meeting process keeps everybody on the same page. Teammates review individual progress and process a dynamic, collaborative agenda built between meetings—perfect for requests that were too important to get lost, but not critical enough to interrupt a colleague in another timezone.

Powerful project dashboard

A Unified Dashboard for All

Stay organized and encourage team transparency with Parabol's powerful dashboard. When a meeting concludes, new tasks are tracked as cards. Flag them with user @mentions, or mark them as #private. Get notified when a task is stuck or completed. Plus, the dashboard synchronizes with other tools.


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