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Reflect & Improve

Retrospective Meetings are like a digitally-coached mini retreat for your team to improve the way you work together. In under an hour, your team will be guided to collect and group anonymous reflections on recent work or projects, then upvote topics for discussion, all leading to an action plan. It's a quick and easy experience whether you’re in the same room or scattered around the globe.

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Execute & Check-In

Team Dashboard. Your team’s tasks live on a beautifully-designed, shared, and searchable dashboard. Priority, status, and due dates are clear and live together. When you need something from a teammate but don’t want it to get lost in email or chat, your Dashboard also provides a place to collect agenda topics for your next team check-in.

Action Meetings. Host your regular team check-in using Parabol’s Action Meeting: collaboratively review progress, clear roadblocks, and prioritize toward shared goals in a personable, rapid-fire, 30-minute format.

Share Progress

Keep all of your stakeholders informed, automatically. Parabol emails your whole team a Summary of each Retrospective or Action Meeting, which can be shared with anyone who wants—or needs—to stay in the loop.

Quotes From Happy Customers

"Since we started using Parabol, we've had a much easier time tracking to our objectives and holding each other accountable. And frankly, our meetings have been a lot more enjoyable."

Adam Pisoni, Founder & CEO @ Abl Schools

"Before Parabol, The Pudding team was working in Google Docs, Trello, and Slack to prioritize our tasks – total chaos. Now we're running meetings in one place, a home for all our projects."

Matt Daniels, Founder & Editor @ The Pudding

"Parabol has transformed our organization. It was the change of scenery we needed, to show that things were going to be different."

Megan Sheridan, Program Mentor @ iMatter

"Parabol fundamentally transformed our business. I can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. We’re never going back!"

Mike Arauz, Co-Founder @ August Public