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Parabol is a retrospective meeting app for agile teams or anyone interested in creating continuous improvement. It’s perfect for scrum masters and other leaders wanting to conduct a Lessons Learned meeting or team-building exercise.




Our retrospective app is designed to put in-person and remote participants on equal footing. Every phase of the meeting can be done together, and brainstormed items always remain anonymous to encourage full disclosure.




Parabol automatically generates a meeting summary delivered to all stakeholders via email or Slack, which details what has been discussed, and who is accountable for what.

Our Integrations with Atlassian Jira and GitHub seamlessly export tasks for easy follow-through on improvements.

What should we start doing?
What should we stop doing?
What should we continue doing?
I'm seeing a theme here!
I have an idea for how to improve.
Let's try it!
That would be a big improvement!
You can assign that improvement to me!

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Quotes from Parabol customers

"We tried Parabol coaching services to retool the way our leadership operates and it’s been great. In 4 weeks we were running like a top: priorities and accountabilities are clear, and frankly, our meetings have been a lot more enjoyable."
Founder & CEO, Abl Schools,

Former CTO of Yammer

"Parabol has made our retrospectives so much smoother. Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work."
Senior Manager, Ubisoft
"Parabol’s coaching and software was the key to unlocking performance on our leadership team. Our meetings went from business-as-usual to focused, fun, and productive."
GM of Platform, Quartz
"I joined a team coached by Parabol and was blown away at how smoothly the meetings ran. People held themselves accountable and things got done. We started looking into where else we could use Parabol…"

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