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Retrospectives that make good teams great

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Online Retrospective Tool. Parabol software is for teams interested in creating systems of continuous improvement. It’s perfect for agile scrum masters and other leaders wanting to conduct a Lessons Learned meeting or team-building exercise.

Customizable Templates. Tailor your retrospectives to suit your team with our helpful templates: your team’s experience will always be fresh and productive.

Retrospective Template Selection

We include "Start-Stop-Continue", "Glad-Sad-Mad", "4Ls", "Sailboat", "Working & Stuck", and other popular formats. You can even add your own!

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Create Common Ground. Our retrospective app is designed to put in-person and remote participants on equal footing. Every phase of the meeting can be done together, and brainstormed items always remain anonymous to encourage full disclosure.

Modern Feel. All team members participate in grouping brainstormed cards, and can see teammates' cards dragging and dropping, live!

Easily Discuss Improvements. Topic groups are voted on by everybody. Topics receiving the most votes are discussed first, so that the hottest issues receive the most time.

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Clear Next Steps. Parabol features a meeting Summary delivered to all stakeholders via email or Slack, which details what has been discussed, and who is accountable for what.

Retrospective Discussion and Tasks

Track Progress. Parabol’s tasking system includes integrations, notifications, mentions, due dates, and rich text formatting. Use Parabol’s optional Action Meeting process to track improvements between Retrospectives.

Expert Advice. Parabol also offers affordable Facilitation & Coaching to help you improve your team's decision-making, role clarification, and operating processes.

Quotes From Happy Customers

"Since we started using Parabol, we've had a much easier time tracking to our objectives and holding each other accountable. And frankly, our meetings have been a lot more enjoyable."

Adam Pisoni, Founder & CEO @ Abl Schools

"Before Parabol, The Pudding team was working in Google Docs, Trello, and Slack to prioritize our tasks – total chaos. Now we're running meetings in one place, a home for all our projects."

Matt Daniels, Founder & Editor @ The Pudding

"Parabol has transformed our organization. It was the change of scenery we needed, to show that things were going to be different."

Megan Sheridan, Program Mentor @ iMatter

"Parabol fundamentally transformed our business. I can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. We’re never going back!"

Mike Arauz, Co-Founder @ August Public