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Agile Meeting Tool for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Better Meetings, More Value

Parabol gives structure to your meetings to get your team talking and moving forward faster

Some of the Companies Running More Efficient Meetings with Parabol

Stanford University

Parabol facilitates and structures [agile] meetings for you

With just a video call, digital whiteboard or shared screen, teams quickly get off track and lose sight of the discussion. Parabol’s built-in structure helps you streamline your meetings and take action on your insights, giving you more value from your time together.


Add anonymous suggestions, create tasks as you go, and document your conversation in real-time with discussion threads – with your remote or hybrid team.

Sprint Poker

Bring Planning Poker to life remotely. Sync issues from your backlog management tool and estimate with a fun digital card deck.


Save your team time while staying up-to-date. Connect with team-mates – no matter where you all are, share updates on your own time, review updates when you’re ready.

Team Check-In

Celebrate your progress without note-taking or duplicating work, connect with your team with [optional] icebreakers, and create takeaway tasks together.

All your agile meetings in one place

Try it yourself – Parabol is Free forever for up to 2 teams, making it easy to start streamlining your meetings without any financial commitment.

Run engaging meetings with our ready-to-use templates – or create your own

Save Time Integrating Parabol with Your Essential Tools


Estimating tasks works great with JIRA integration, it even adjusts the Story points in JIRA when you change them in the tool, really helpful! Avoids double and manual work”

Melina P. | Agile Coach at METRO Markets

Go beyond a digital whiteboard or Kanban board

  • Save time with a pre-built meeting structure
  • Get everyone talking with anonymous input when needed
  • Easily group similar reflections instead of wasting time dragging post-its around
  • Close the loop on your development by capturing takeaway tasks directly in your preferred backlog management tool

Everything agile teams need for effective meetings

Parabol helps teams run more effective, inclusive, and engaging meetings
– And it’s free forever for up to 2 teams

FeaturesParabolVirtual WhiteboardRetro Tools
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Poker Estimation Meetingspurple checkmark
Standup Meetingspurple checkmark
Check-in Meetingspurple checkmark
Team Health checkpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Built-in Icebreakerpurple checkmark
40+ Meeting Templatespurple checkmarkpurple checkmarkpurple checkmark
Automated Meeting Summarypurple checkmark
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Kanban Taskboardpurple checkmark
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450.000+ people have already signed up for more efficient meetings

92% of users agreed that Parabol improves the efficiency of their meetings.

I love how simple it is to set up and run retros

“I love Parabol. I learned about it a few years ago, and have been an advocate ever since. I love how simple it is to set up and run retros, and how it creates a summary all on its own.”

Dana Jones

Dana Jones

Engineering Manager, Netflix

Parabol helps bring structure to my meetings

“Parabol helps bring structure to my meetings, providing an easy platform to solicit feedback and, more importantly, follow up on action items after the fact. My favorite part might be the low barrier to entry. I’ve had no issue using this tool with a room full of execs.”

Ben Norman

Ben Norman

Director of Consulting Services, Sana Sano Consulting

Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work

“Parabol has made our retrospectives so much smoother. Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work.”

Jean Snow

Jean Snow

Senior Manager, Ubisoft

The meeting basically runs itself

“The meeting basically runs itself – allowing facilitators to focus on the content of the conversations and driving forward the conversation. An invaluable tool.”

Jack Saxton

Jack Saxton

Scrum Master at Hudl

Parabol is rated 4.6/5 stars on G2

Based on 80+ reviews

Parabol's 5 star rating on G2
Parabol's badge for a 2021 leader on G2
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