Focus your team on what matters.



Shared Weekly Prioritization. 
Parabol Meetings slay rambling status check-ins. Collaboratively prioritize, clear roadblocks, create a work plan, and track progress toward shared goals in a personable, rapid-fire, 30-minute status check-in.  It’s live and multi-player; perfect for remote team members.


Focus priorities and move forward, together.  Your Team Dashboard focuses attention on the collective priorities for the week. Individual task cards are both self-assigned and suggested by teammates. Stuck waiting on somebody? Signal where you’re blocked and get help.

Prioritize across teams. 
Parabol is designed for people who belong to multiple teams. See everything you’re accountable for on your Personal Dashboard.


Keep stakeholders informed, automatically. Parabol emails your whole team a Summary of the weekly work plan, which can easily be shared with others who want—or need—to stay in the loop. 

Better teaming awaits.

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Parabol fundamentally transformed our business. I can’t imagine how we ever functioned without it. We’re never going back!

— Mike Arauz | Co-Founder, August Public