Yup, totally free. From Parabol with love.

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Unlimited Project Cards
  • Default Check-In Prompts
  • Up to 14 Days Archive Access



More features

Per month per active user*

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • Unlimited Project Cards
  • Customizable Check-In Prompts
  • Unlimited Archive Access

*Locked-in introductory pricing. On May 1st, 2018 the pricing for the Pro plan will increase to $12/month per active user.

How we invoice

Active usage

We invoice you for the number of Active users within a 30-day period. Users who haven’t accessed a signed-in view (e.g. Meeting, Dashboard, etc.) for more than 30 days will automatically be marked as Inactive. Organization billing leaders can also proactively mark users as Inactive before the 30-day period. These users become Active again when they sign in.

First invoice

The first invoice will be sent immediately after upgrading to a Pro account. Any adjustments (such as added members) will be reflected on the following invoice.

1 month invoice & proration

We bill on a monthly cycle. We include prorated refunds for inactivity from the previous month. Inside of any 30-day invoicing period, we’ll also prorate a user’s subscription fee to the nearest week of activity. So, if a user was only active in the week before the billing period ended, we’ll charge 1/4th of the subscription rate.