Parabol retrospectives, meetings, and tasks integrate with popular tools to fit in seamlessly with the way your team works.

Add to your Jira Issues backlog during retrospectives. Rather than needing to refer to notes or actions within another tool, capture what you learn during retrospectives directly to Atlassian Jira. Just tap the publish icon on the Parabol Task card and voila! it is added to your team's Issues backlog so they can be prioritized in an upcoming sprint.

Create GitHub issues during your retrospectives. Close the loop on your development by capturing next steps from a retrospective directly in GitHub. By tapping the publish icon on the Parabol Task card, its contents can create an issue on any public or private repository.
Automatically post meeting notifications and summaries to Slack. Each team on Parabol can be configured to send notifications to one or more Slack channels of your choice. When a Parabol meeting starts, everybody gets a link top hop in. When a meeting ends, everybody gets a link to the meeting summary.

Is there an integration you'd like us to add? Tell us.