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A fully-remote position, work from anywhere

Head of Public Sector

$130k – $150k USD * 0.1% – 0.2% Equity

Parabol is used by thousands of people working in the public sector: from Airmen and Guardians in the US Air Force and Space Force, to bankers in the US Federal Reserve. Increasing agility and developing more nimble, distributed ways of working is of increasing importance to our US Federal, State, and Local governments, and internationally. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to build Parabol’s public-sector team from the ground up and work directly with the CEO to take over some of our business’s most valuable relationships and exciting growth opportunities.

We Are:

Mission – what you’ll be accountable for…

  • developing Parabol’s Public Sector sales strategy and go-to-market motion—initially focused on U.S. Federal Sales—including servicing inbound leads, managing existing accounts, and building our outbound motion
  • managing Parabol’s Federal offering including pricing and packaging decisions
  • capturing additional opportunities through Federal dual-use granting mechanisms (e.g. SBIR, TACFI, STRATFI) to build relationships and fund customizations that expand Parabol’s addressable market within the public sector
  • building channel and alliances supporting of go-to-market and product growth  
  • defining roles, developing a team budget and compensation system, hiring, and delegating accountabilities to build out the public-sector sales team

Qualifications – you are…

  • a proven Public Sector sales leader who has a track record of building a team that sells into defense, the intelligence community, and other federal agencies
  • comfortable with performing the sales role themselves (i.e. selling) before building a team
  • familiar with granting mechanisms (e.g. SBIR), and can articulate how to win an open-topic solicitation
  • capable of building a strategy that incorporates resellers, consultants/systems integrators, lobbyists, and other entities to widen Parabol’s federal sales channel
  • able to envision how Parabol might to expand further to state, local, or additional international governments
  • experienced working at a remote-first company
  • experienced with HubSpot or a comparable CRM


  • 💰 Fair & location-agnostic pay:US-based salaries, no matter where you’re based.  Plus: early-stage equity in a well-funded, fast-growing startup.
  • 🐙🐱Work in the open: Our code is open source, and so is our way of working. We’ve been publishing a weekly update since 2015.
  • 🌞 People-first schedules: We limit recurring meetings to 1-2 hours per week per team, with no synchronous daily standups. We offer unlimited PTO to everyone, and encourage folks to take time off. We also have both company-wide and country-specific holidays.
  • 🌍 Work from anywhere with people around the globe: Our current team stretches from Los Angeles, California to Warsaw, Poland. Work wherever works for you.
  • 🌀 Growing faster through experimentation and autonomy: From peer code reviews to monthly sales experiments, we structure our work to maximize learning. Everyone owns their work and can develop their skills quickly.
  • 🛫 Global travel: All-expenses-paid company retreats and team retreats.
  • An Equal Opportunity Employer: We founded Parabol to help build stronger teams by empowering members to be their authentic selves. Our company is no exception.
  • 💖 Great teammates: An inclusive team of curious and purposeful people on a mission to improve how work gets done.
  • 💪 Health care: We work with local partners to provide healthcare & benefits that are aligned with top industry standards.
  • 🔢 No standard coding questions or whiteboard interviews: We’ll assess how we work together by collaborating on a short paid project  We want to know how you actually work, not how many LeetCode / Project Euler / Stack Overflow questions you can answer.

Learn more about our purpose and benefits.

Even if you don’t feel that you meet all the criteria we encourage you to apply.

During our hiring process, we take into account your growth potential, not just your prior achievements.

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