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Data Architect

A fully-remote position, work from anywhere

$110k - $150k USD * 0.0% - 0.1% Equity

As a Data Architect on the Growth team at Parabol, you’ll help our team make good decisions using data, while working alongside an inspiringly talented and kind team.

We Are:


You Are:

  • 5+ years development experience
  • Proficiency in event data systems such as Segment, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, or Mixpanel, and language proficiency in Javascript and Python
  • Familiarity operating and using SQL and NoSQL databases, knowledge of Snowflake a plus
  • Ability to create and maintain Python notebook analysis using Git
  • Familiarity with Hubspot is a bonus
  • Ability to apply machine learning (clustering, classification) a plus
  • Excited to work on a cross-functional team, alongside writers, designers and marketers 
  • An empathetic and generous communicator that lives by, “don’t hate, iterate


Commitment & Accountabilities:

  • Full-time employment
  • Set standards for how we collect data, so we can answer important questions while also respecting our user's privacy 
  • Maintain accuracy and performance of Parabol's data infrastructure,  including making changes to events and property design, architecture, and reliability
  • Make it easier for the whole team, regardless of role to answer their own questions and learn about our users, without getting the wrong answers 
  • Answer complex questions through detailed data analysis 
  • Inform the team about available data and key insights 



  • 💰 Fair & location-agnostic pay:US-based salaries, no matter where you’re based.  Plus: early-stage equity in a well-funded, fast-growing startup.
  • 🐙🐱Work in the open: Our code is open source, and so is our way of working. We’ve been publishing a weekly update since 2015.
  • 🌞 People-first schedules: We limit recurring meetings to 1-2 hours per week per team, with no synchronous daily standups. We offer unlimited PTO to everyone, and encourage folks to take time off. We also have both company-wide and country-specific holidays. 
  • 🌍 Work from anywhere with people around the globe: Our current team stretches from Los Angeles, California to Warsaw, Poland. Work wherever works for you. 
  • 🌀 Growing faster through experimentation and autonomy: From peer code reviews to monthly sales experiments, we structure our work to maximize learning. Everyone owns their work and can develop their skills quickly. 
  • 🛫 Quarterly global travel: All-expenses-paid company retreats and team retreats. 
  • An Equal Opportunity Employer: We founded Parabol to help build stronger teams by empowering members to be their authentic selves. Our company is no exception.
  • 💖 Great teammates: An inclusive team of curious and purposeful people on a mission to improve how work gets done. 
  • 💪 Health care: For US employees, healthcare & benefits that are aligned with top industry standards.
  • 🔢 No standard coding questions or whiteboard interviews: We’ll assess how we work together by collaborating on a short paid project  We want to know how you actually work, not how many LeetCode / Project Euler / Stack Overflow questions you can answer.

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Even if you don't feel that you meet all the criteria we encourage you to apply.

During our hiring process, we take into account your growth potential, not just your prior achievements.


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