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Parabol's sweet treat: Mary Berry Lemon Bundt Cake

This week Parabol celebrated our 6th year of existence!

Despite the challenges of operating as an organization (and as individual people) during a global pandemic, this year is worth celebrating for many worthy reasons.

Our team has more than doubled since year 5, signaling strong growth from a business perspective and creating an environment where more diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise come to make Parabol a better company and product. Having teammates across the globe has given us the gift of greater perspective and empathy—cheers to that!

While an in-person celebration wasn’t possible, we each selected a treat of our choice to enjoy and shared the photos on Slack (how good does that Mary Berry lemon Bundt cake look?!).

With our sweet tooth sated, we look forward to this year: learning from each other, experimenting, and sharing Parabol’s journey with you.


Parabol's metrics 9/6

Our web and meeting metrics had a slight downtick this week, but we’re still trending in the right direction. We continue to experiment with optimizing our content and landing pages and refining our SEO strategy. Our user metrics saw an uptick, which is always welcome.

This week we…

published a new blog post on using Slack asynchronously.

went live on TikTok! Follow us for ice breakers, musings on work, and a little bit of fun.

…created a PR for the Spotlight null case issue. We’ll continue to beautify and make tweaks as necessary.groups

…started an Unsplash page to share relevant photos around remote work, agile, and teamwork (and Post-its!).

made progress in our hiring goals. We extended an offer to a new member the Growth team and look forward to her joining us in October.

…chipped away at our transition from RethinkDB to PostGreSQL.

…continued planning the upcoming retreat for our design team.

Next week we’ll

…kickoff Sprint 87. And look ahead as we move into a new season.

Have feedback? See something that you like or something you think could be better? Leave a public response here, or write to us.