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howto Remote Work

How to Structure Meetings to Solve the Struggles of Remote Work

This year, tens of millions of workers around the world did something for the first time. They completed an entire week of work, all from their own ho...

howto Remote Work

How to Build Rapport with Remote Teams

The global pandemic forced the majority of knowledge workers to work remotely. Gone were bringing in breakfast bagels, hosting happy hours, intramural...

howto Remote Work

How to Hire a Remote Team: Parabol's 6 Step Process

Imagine giving your credit card, mobile phone, and laptop to somebody you’ve never met, and asking them to fill your shoes for a day—working your job,...

Remote Work

Everyone is remote sometimes: 5 questions for remote success

A few years ago, I was managing an engineering lead who was leading a team through a big transformation – starting to work with designers, moving to a...

howto Agile Retrospectives Remote Work

How to Run an Agile Retrospective Meeting for Remote Teams