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Remote Work

17 Work Habits All Teams Should Adopt From Remote Work

For teams around the world, 2020 fundamentally changed perspectives on how (and where) work can be accomplished.

Remote Work

What We Learned From a Year of Virtual Retreats

In the before times, our team used to meet up in-person at least three times a year. 

Remote Work

8 Online Games for Remote Teams to Build Rapport

When you have team members in different offices or even all over the world, you don't have the luxury of going for drinks after work on Friday, playin...

Remote Work

Facilitation Techniques for Better Remote Meetings

Meetings are a valuable time for teams to brainstorm, solve problems, and connect as humans. But if they aren’t facilitated properly they can also be ...

Remote Work

How to Build Psychological Safety in Remote Teams

Psychological safety is critical for team cohesion, honest feedback, and productivity. But remote work makes it much harder to achieve. Despite the fr...

Remote Work

23 Untranslatable Words to Help You Work Smarter

There are some words that simply defy translation. They speak to something deeper and more soulful, something specific in the experience of the cultur...

Remote Work

8 Icebreaker Game Ideas for Remote Teams

Starting your meeting with an icebreaker is a great way to get everyone talking.

Agile Retrospectives Remote Work

8 Sprint Retrospective Games for Remote & Hybrid Teams

Retrospectives offer a precious moment for teams to come together, slow down for a second, and think deeply about their work. But they are also a powe...

Remote Work

How Scrum Masters Can Solve Remote Work Challenges

Srum Masters have to wear many different hats in their day to day work 🎩 Not only are they agile gurus, instilling Scrum values and processes in thei...

Remote Work

Distributed Organizations are Inherently Responsive

This April, an estimated 62 percent of employed Americans worked from home, compared to roughly 25 percent before the covid-19 pandemic began. Even wh...

Remote Work

How Companies Can Adapt Better to Remote Work

Do you remember your last trip for work? I do. It started with an outrageously early flight on January 16th. As the first rays of dim winter sunlight ...

Remote Work

6 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

It hasn’t been long since we first started opening our web browsers. People born in 1994—the year Netscape Navigator was released—are now 26 years old...