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Backlog Refinement

How to Prioritize the Backlog When Everything is Important

On my first day as a product manager, I was greeted with my greatest dream and worst nightmare: a giant un-prioritized backlog of 500+ issues. 

Backlog Refinement

8 Agile Estimation Techniques to Try With your Team

The ability to plan ahead is what sets humans apart from all other species.

Backlog Refinement

7 Product Backlog Tips to Make Work Flow

Ask ten agile teams how they do backlog refinement and you’ll likely get ten different answers. How you do this most unusual of agile processes depend...

howto Backlog Refinement

How to Work with the Product Backlog

Imagine for a second that you were a superhero and you could see into the future. What would you do with the power of foresight? 🦸‍♀️ 

Backlog Refinement

What is Backlog Refinement?

Have you ever held a project planning meeting where nobody knew which tasks to prioritise? Where nobody wanted to say how long they thought something ...

Backlog Refinement

Backlog Refinement: When Should it Happen?

Product Backlog refinement (formerly backlog grooming) helps agile teams improve their development process by ensuring the team always has well-define...

Friday Ship Backlog Refinement

#217 – More Sprint Poker Design

This week we made great strides in bringing our new agile Sprint Poker experience to life.