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Friday Ship

#211 – Batting Practice

This week, we shipped code from two Parabol developer applicants into production.


How to Build Rapport with Remote Teams

The global pandemic forced the majority of knowledge workers to work remotely. Gone were bringing in breakfast bagels, hosting happy hours, intramural...

Friday Ship

#210 - Blackout

This week, we have little to say. With events sparked by the hateful killing of George Floyd, for once it felt right to leave more room for other voic...

Friday Ship

#209 - Customers Who Share

This week we launched a new feature: color-coding for retrospective templates. As we were writing the post announcing the feature—it’s hard to admit—w...

New Features

New: Color-code reflections in sprint retros

Stop lights. Poisonous frogs. Moldy bread. Every day, colors help direct our attention so we can make smarter decisions. In our digital lives, they pl...

Friday Ship

#208 - 5 Stars

This week, we celebrated receiving more than ten 5-star reviews on an independent review site. Mostly gone are the days of big releases. When you’re s...

Friday Ship

#207 – Card Group Sizes

This week we performed an in-depth analysis of retrospective meeting grouping behavior and discovered some intriguing insights.

How often should you run a retrospective?

There are approximately 55 million meetings per day in the United States alone, yet, 71% of senior managers say that meetings are unproductive and ine...

Friday Ship

#206 - Ready to Move On?

Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash This week we kicked off Sprint 56 and began work to make it more difficult to accidentally advance a retrospective ...

Friday Ship

#205 - Publishing

This week we published some important new pages to our website. First, we published a page highlighting the benefits of our Retrospective meeting form...

Icebreaker questions: Why they matter and how to do them well

Whether it’s two truths and a lie, or being asked to state “an interesting fact about yourself”, there are some icebreakers that make your team die in...

Friday Ship

#204 - Redoubling

(source) This week, Parabol surpassed 40,000 registered users. Our doubling time has further shortened. It took 2 months and 10 days for user registra...