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Icebreaker Questions: Why They Matter

When you think of icebreakers, what comes to mind?  Unfortunately, for me, it’s often awkward events or team-building activities where a plucky facili...

Remote Work

How Scrum Masters Can Solve Remote Work Challenges

Srum Masters have to wear many different hats in their day to day work 🎩 Not only are they agile gurus, instilling Scrum values and processes in thei...

Customer story

How Secret Escapes Built Team Resilience with Parabol

The tourism industry is expected to take over $1 trillion in economic damage due to the covid-19 global pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped Product Mana...

Friday Ship

#230 – Scrum in 2020

This week we attended the launch of the Scrum Guide 2020. While Parabol doesn’t hold an opinion if any one form of agile teamwork is “correct,” we try...

Retrospective Templates

Fresh Retrospective Ideas for New Agile Teams

Running your first retrospective with a new agile team can be daunting.

Friday Ship

#229 – Smoothness

This week, we held a retrospective to find ways of marketing our product more quickly.

Remote Work

Distributed Organizations are Inherently Responsive

This April, an estimated 62 percent of employed Americans worked from home, compared to roughly 25 percent before the covid-19 pandemic began. Even wh...

Backlog Refinement

8 Agile Estimation Techniques to Try With your Team

The ability to plan ahead is what sets humans apart from all other species.

Friday Ship

#228 – Estimate

This week we hit our sprint goals toward delivering Sprint Poker, our next meeting type.

Agile Retrospectives

How Long Should an Agile Retrospective Meeting Last?

When a football game ends, teams gather in the locker room to discuss it. Coaches analyze the game and look for possible ways of improvement to make t...

Friday Ship

#227 – S.P.A. 16, 2nd Remote Retreat

Last week, Parabol held its 16th quarterly all-team retreat, and our second-ever remote retreat.


Strategic Prioritization Using Even Over Statements

All creative people are capable of making a list of ideas longer than their capacity to execute upon them. A form of organizational paralysis is cause...