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Remote Work

How to Build Psychological Safety in Remote Teams

Psychological safety is critical for team cohesion, honest feedback, and productivity. But remote work makes it much harder to achieve. Despite the fr...

Friday Ship

#240 – Freeze and Thaw

This week, we stood by our colleagues affected by the weather in the southern U.S., while we launched a major new feature, Sprint Poker.

New Features

New: Sprint Poker

Parabol was founded with the commitment to help teams find more meaningful ways of working together. Our team began on that journey by building a tool...

Friday Ship

#239 – Inclusive Holidays

This week, Parabol worked a short week to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Friday Ship

#238 – Sprint Poker Beta Feedback

This week we’ve been focused on digesting and responding to feedback from early Sprint Poker meeting users.

Agile Retrospectives

Sprint Reviews vs Sprint Retrospectives for Remote Teams

Even the smartest people in the world can fall into the chaos of long, useless meetings when they lack the right processes for effective collaboration...

Friday Ship

#237 – Who do you know?

  This week, we opened a number of new roles with plans to double our team size by the end of the year.

Backlog Refinement

How to Prioritize the Backlog When Everything is Important

On my first day as a product manager, I was greeted with my greatest dream and worst nightmare: a giant un-prioritized backlog of 500+ issues. 

Friday Ship

#236 – Reliability

This week, we spent developer time on improving Parabol’s reliability.   Parabol is a reliable app. Since 2017, we’ve had only a few hours of downtime...

New Features Agile Retrospectives

New: Expand Columns in the Group & Vote Phases

When we're organising the real estate on your screen, we try to be super thoughtful about making the most of the space available. If the screen is too...

Friday Ship

#235 – V

This week, it seemed like the world stopped holding its breath and got back to work.

Agile Retrospectives

How to Counter Recency Bias in Your Sprint Retrospectives

Have you ever been in a sprint retrospective where the most recent bits of work just feel like the most important ones to discuss? If that sounds fami...