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Parabol’s Hiring Process

We want to make the interview process as painless and fun as possible. We don’t believe in standard coding questions, whiteboard interviews, or asking pointless brain teaser questions like “are there more doors or wheels in the world?”.

Screening interview

This is a brief (15-30 minutes) interview with either our in-house recruiter or the hiring manager. We’ll ask you a few questions to gauge your experience and your values. At this stage, we won’t ask any technical questions. This call is a chance for us to get to know one another.

Async challenge

We’ll email you a technical challenge and give you a week to work on it. The challenge will be straightforward and will resemble what working with us would be like. It should take you two hours at most to complete it.

Fit for role interview

If you pass the technical challenge we’ll interview you to evaluate your technical expertise. We’ll ask questions about how you solved the technical challenge. We’ll try to learn more about your thought processes and how you handle problems. For marketers and sales-people, we’ll talk you through our funnel and let you ask questions or run a mock sales call. This interview takes about an hour, and we usually book it a couple of days after you send back the technical challenge.

Fit for organization interview

The hallmarks of Parabol’s culture are transparency, empathy, and experimentation. We think the best way to preserve our culture is to hire people who share our values. That’s why at this stage we’ll evaluate your cultural fit. It usually takes us a week to book this interview.

You’ll be interviewed by a team of three people, each representing one of our departments. This interview takes roughly one hour. We’ll share the questions beforehand so you’ll know what to expect!

Batting Practice

This is the last stage of our interview process. We’ll hire you part-time to collaborate on a paid project. Overall we expect you to work with us for a total of 20 hours on a challenge of your own choosing. You can take this process at your own pace and spread the hours over a 2-4 week period.

This will give you the opportunity to evaluate what it’s like to work with us and meet the rest of the team. That way if we make you an offer at the end of the Batting Practice you’ll be able to make a more informed decision by having a clear sense of what Parabol is like on the inside!

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