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Transparency and accountability across all programs.

See what Parabol can do for your team in just one quarter:

“Parabol transformed our organization. We needed a strong platform to lead us out of the ingrained hierarchical mindset. This was the change of scenery we needed, to show that things were going to be different.”  Megan Sheridan | Program Mentor @ iMatter


Parabol is a nimble, cost-effective, and comprehensive way to rapidly prioritize and coordinate across programs and field locations.

Bring program leadership, project coordinators, administrators, field staff, and consultants together in a single dashboard where deliverables can be tracked, summarized, and shared. Use Parabol's powerful meeting and prioritization process to improve transparency, autonomy, accountability, and efficiency.


How It Works

Watch the video to the left to see Parabol in action, and click here to download a PDF to share and discuss with your team and interested stakeholders.

Multiplayer team meetings

Shared Prioritization Meetings

Reinvent your team meetings with an embedded process to quickly review and get help, which improves accountability, tracking of collective goals, and responsiveness to rapidly shifting demands.

Powerful project dashboard

Shared Context

Teams have many tools, but only one set of priorities. Everyone on the team works from a single dashboard to triage incoming requests from multiple sources, authorities, and tools, which improves communication and autonomy. Minimize check-ins, while maximizing delivery and individual alignment to mission.


New features and integrations are added often. Need a feature? Tell us.