Parabol for Holacracy® Practitioners

Get ready for the best Tactical meeting experience

“Parabol fundamentally transformed our business. I can’t imagine how we functioned without it. We’re never going back!”Mike Arauz | Co-Founder @ August Public


Looking for a better way to run a Holacracy-style Tactical meeting, store Projects, and Next-Actions? Look no further! Parabol is powerful, fun, and a great way to facilitate a meeting—whether your a seasoned Holacracy pro, or a team new to Holacracy concepts.


Watch how it works

Click the video to see Parabol in action. Learn how its Dashboard and Meeting process encourage remote team collaboration.

Multiplayer team meetings

Incredible Tactical meetings

Parabol facilitates your team through a Holacracy–style Tactical meeting. Just sent your team the link to the meeting, and Parabol will faciltate them through Check-In, Project Updates, Agenda Building and Agenda processing. You'll never want to run another Tactical meeting in Glassfrog again.

Powerful project dashboard

A unified dashboard for all

Stay organized and encourage team transparency with Parabol's powerful dashboard. When a meeting concludes, new Projects and Next-Actions are tracked as cards. Decorate them with user @mentions, or mark them as #private. Get notified when a task is stuck or completed. Plus, the dashboard synchronizes with other tools. New features and integrations are added often. Need a feature? Tell us.