Senior Frontend Developer

A fully-remote position, work from anywhere

As a Senior Frontend Developer at Parabol, you’ll bring new experiences to life that shape the daily work experience of an exponentially growing user base, designing and building along with an inspiringly talented and kind team.





  • 3+ years experience developing software on a team
  • Energized at the challenge of creating realtime, multiplayer apps
  • Experienced throughout our frontend stack: React, Relay, GraphQL, and CSS-in-JS
  • Eager to give back to the open-source community and share knowledge
  • An empathetic and generous communicator that lives by, “don’t hate, iterate”



  • Full-time employment
  • Implementing user interactions according to design and acceptance criteria
  • Developing reusable UI components and patterns
  • Providing feedback and direction on designs
  • Validating prototype implementations with users



  • Competitive salary and early-stage equity in a well-funded, fast-growing startup
  • Make open-source contributions your day job, have your work be an example to others
  • Steer the architectural direction of a popular product from its earliest days
  • Work in a clean, modern codebase
  • Quarterly global travel to all-expenses-paid, all-company retreats


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