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We're hiring!

This is a tremendously exciting time to join Parabol, as we begin our first expansion beyond the Founding Team.  If you share our values and are interested in working at the intersection of culture and software, we look forward to reviewing your application!* 

If you'd like to get a feel for our company culture:

The following positions are open until posting is removed:

Senior Full-Stack Engineer (start: Aug 2017) - posted 05.18.17

Senior Designer (start: Aug 2017) - posted 05.18.17

2017 Fall Engineering Intern (start: Aug 2017) - posted 05.18.17

2017 Fall Design Intern (start: Aug 2017) - posted 05.18.17

*We love anomalies! If you fit somewhere between the positions described, or think we should be searching for a position not represented above, please contact us and make your case!

    Parabol abides by all U.S. laws governing employment:

    • CLASSIFICATION: We follow and are in full compliance with both IRS and DoL Classifications of Employee vs. Contractor

    • AUTHORIZATION: All new hires--regardless of citizenship--are required to complete a U.S. federal Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)