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This week we explored how meetings might get set up ahead of time. Sprint Poker subtly changes how meetings work in Parabol from “everybody join this link and do an activity” by adding an optional setup phase for the meeting organizer. When your team wants to meet to groom its backlog, the organizer might want to take time to select which stories to groom well in advance to save everybody time.

Parabol pre-meeting draft design

Adding support for meetings with a “setup phase” creates pressure on our UX, has us exploring a number of options—some near term in order to not delay Sprint Poker’s release, and others that are more aggressive and distant that map open up other experiences.



User registrations met recent historical trends while top-of-funnel traffic and the number of active users declined this week. Analyzing trends over the past several weeks have pointed out key areas for us to focus on in our adoption funnel. A specific area of focus for us is to understand users who never run a meeting on Parabol after signing up.

This week we…

continued working on designing experiences for new users and lapsed users. Our hope is launching these new experiences will help close the gap between the number of registered users and the number of adopting users.

earned an interview with dot.LA on How to Make Remote Meetings Actually Useful. Theres an article as well as a video interview.

Parabol dot.LA + Jordan Husney

made great progress on implementing meeting template sharing. Check out this great screenshot from the developer’s machine:


readied an update to how users reach and browser archived tasks. Below is gif demonstrating an earlier implementation. We hope this reaches production soon.


created a new design iteration on how the Sprint Poker Scoping phase might work with integrated data sources.


began migrating our Check-in 101 and Retrospective 101 pages to new templates. 

began reaching out to some users to interview them for renewed user persona work.

wished our employee who’s been stuck in Vietnam since the health crisis began ‘safe travels’ as he secured a flight home to the US.

Next week we’ll…

wrap up sprint 61. This is the first of several sprints to bring Sprint Poker to life. We’re also targeting staging and testing our new template sharing feature.

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