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#274 – Global Perspective

Friday Ship | October 22nd, 2021

image of a globe

As a fully remote company, we have the opportunity to recruit talent from around the globe. We’re slowly but surely managing to hire people from all over the world, with our newest hires coming from Malaysia, Russia, and Germany. We still have a lot of work to do on the overall DE&I front, something we’re actively working on, but we’ve managed to make progress when it comes to geographic diversity. Interestingly, most of our workforce, no matter where they are currently located, has spent significant time living in a different country.

We did a quick survey and found that our 21 full-time employees have lived in 22 different countries and we speak 8 languages other than English.

Here’s the list:

Countries: Australia, Romania, Armenia, Ireland, Israel, China, US, Poland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam, Colombia, Turkey, UK, Canada, Thailand, Barbados, India, Malaysia

Languages: Russian, Mandarin, German, Hebrew, Polish, Japanese, French, Spanish

screenshot of a map with pins where Parabol team members live

The hope is this kind of variety brings us more than bragging rights. Each unique person we hire becomes part of the melting pot. It’s helpful from a product perspective; everyone can utilize their diverse background and unique perspective to contribute to a platform that’s used in over 25 countries. It also helps us, as an organization, to understand different cultures and traditions. We have an awful lot of fun sharing our experiences with one another and getting first-hand glimpses into life somewhere else in the world.

We also get some amazing vacation pics!

collage of photos from the Parabol team

We look forward to growing our global presence even further, so if you’re interested in building the future of work with us please check out our open positions!


Parabol metrics

We saw an uptick in weekly meetings run this week along with slight increases in registered users and MAU. Weekly poker meetings also continue to rise. Web sessions and new users were both down again this week, dropping around 4%.

This week we…

Made progress on our Mattermost integration. A PR was submitted this week for our Mattermost integration, we hope to have this in production soon!

Published a blog post on 21 Tips for Better Hybrid Meetings. A hybrid working model now seems like the most probable option for companies that aren’t willing or able to fully adopt remote work.

Continued working on implementing our Spotlight feature. This will allow users to find similar reflection cards during the grouping phase of a retro.

…Released version 6.33.1. Notably, this fixed a bug related to syncing Parabol estimates with Jira.

Next week we’ll…

Kickoff Sprint #90.

Officially welcome our newest team member. Lorena Martinez will be joining us on Monday as a Product Marketer.

Have feedback? See something that you like or something you think could be better? Leave a public response here, or write to us.

Grayson Crickman

Grayson Crickman

Grayson is a growth specialist focusing on building relationships with teams that have adopted Parabol. He previously worked for Ring where he developed substantial B2B connections. He aided in the company’s rapid expansion and eventual acquisition by Amazon. Grayson is from Winchester, VA.

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