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Frustrated with Mural? Say hi to Parabol 👋

Parabol helps teams hold more engaging and structured retrospectives and agile meetings

Features agile teams love

Parabol is built for agile teams that want to save time preparing for repeated ceremonies, whether you’re running a retrospective, Sprint Poker estimation, or check-in meeting.

Stay on track with built-in structure

Parabol guides you through clear steps that drive agile meetings forward.

Clean and clutter-free UI means there’s no wasted time explaining the process, keeping track of your teammates

  • Keep a tidy workspace with organized cards, not overlapping sticky notes
  • Drive your meetings forward with a structured process
  • Create and track follow-up tasks in one place

Make facilitating a breeze

Simply pick up and run with one of our many retrospective templates to save on prep time.

Use our built-in icebreakers, timer, ready button, and async discussion threads to take the stress out of facilitating.

  • Save prep time with Parabol’s library of agile meeting templates
  • Use our built-in timer and ‘ready’ button to keep your meetings moving
  • Get a meeting summary sent to your inbox every time, so you can refer back or catch up in seconds

Get the whole team involved

Drag and drop cards let all team members group ideas into themes.

Anonymous reflections and comments help everyone feel safe speaking up. And hidden voting lets everyone have a voice in what gets discussed.

  • Get everyone participating from the start with a built-in icebreaker question
  • Let everyone group cards and vote for more democratic meetings
  • React with emoji when an idea is 🔥 or 🤔

Tailor made for Agile teams

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Agile is better with Parabol