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Parabol Blog

Friday Ship

#252 – Reuniting

This week, we scheduled—then cancelled—our first post-pandemic all-team retreat.

Friday Ship

#251 – Closing Deals

This week, our newest sales hire closed their first Enterprise deal.

Friday Ship

Friday Ship #250: Five Years of Building in Public

This week we celebrate our 250th Friday Ship.

Friday Ship

#249 – List Debt

This week, we scrubbed the product backlog to keep it from growing to infinite length.

Friday Ship

#248 – Welcome Drew & Enrique

Friday Ship

#247 – Bugs

This week we disabled our special easter egg feature for April Fools Day from the code that unleashed digital insects whenever a team discussed “bugs”...

Friday Ship

#246 – U.S. Digital Nomads & PEOs

Friday Ship

#245 – Finding Your Meeting

This week we began implementing our new Meetings View, to make it easier for folks to find which meeting to join.

Remote Work

8 Online Games for Remote Teams to Build Rapport

When you have team members in different offices or even all over the world, you don't have the luxury of going for drinks after work on Friday, playin...

Friday Ship

#243 – S.P.A. 17

Friday Ship

#242 – Big Bangs

This week Parabol announced its Series A financing raise and launched Sprint Poker on Product Hunt.


Parabol Raises $8m Series A Led by M12

We’re thrilled to announce today that Parabol has raised an $8million Series A led by M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund – with continued participation by...