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Friday Ship

#230 – Scrum in 2020

(source) This week we attended the launch of the Scrum Guide 2020. While Parabol doesn’t hold an opinion if any one form of agile teamwork is “correct...

Friday Ship

#229 – Smoothness

This week, we held a retrospective to find ways of marketing our product more quickly.

Distributed Organizations are Inherently Responsive

This April, an estimated 62 percent of employed Americans worked from home, compared to roughly 25 percent before the covid-19 pandemic began. Even wh...

Friday Ship

#228 – Estimate

This week we hit our sprint goals toward delivering Sprint Poker, our next meeting type.

Friday Ship

#227 – S.P.A. 16, 2nd Remote Retreat

Last week, Parabol held its 16th quarterly all-team retreat, and our second-ever remote retreat.


Strategic Prioritization Using Even Over Statements

All creative people are capable of making a list of ideas longer than their capacity to execute upon them. A form of organizational paralysis is cause...

6 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

It hasn’t been long since we first started opening our web browsers. People born in 1994—the year Netscape Navigator was released—are now 26 years old...

Friday Ship

#225 – ididntmeanto

This week, we completed the guts of a feature which will allow facilitators to go back and undo a completed retrospective Group phase in order to regr...


Agile Management Beyond Tech

For more than a century, most office workers team up as though they are running a relay-race: a coworker gets passed the baton, they run as fast as th...

Friday Ship

#224 – Data Plumbing

This week, we shipped changes to try and resolve problems we’ve had with our marketing data accuracy.

Friday Ship

#223 – Minor Releases

This week we shipped v5.18.0 to production. While the bulk of the team is focused on developing our Sprint Poker meeting type, we’re still managing to...

#222 – Discussion Work

This week, we resolved a tricky product design issue into next steps.