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Teams Find Flow

Parabol guides agile teams through quick and powerful retrospectives, check-ins and estimation meetings. Facilitate better online meetings with a purpose-built tool, and watch your team flourish.

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Agile ceremonies that make good teams great.

Make the most of your valuable time.

Create psychological safety on remote teams

Engage your team in a safe space

From anonymity to a built-in process, Parabol gives you a structured environment to have open conversation. Grow beyond video conferencing and blank whiteboards.

Empower teams to have the right conversations

Empower teammates to have the right conversations

Get your whole team participating with icebreakers, emoji reactions, and other accessible yet playful interactions. Make speaking up in meetings fun!

Execute on your vision with better, faster meetings

Execute on your vision

Better quality meetings mean better quality outcomes. Start continuously improving your team so you can deliver on your plans time and time again.

Trusted by exceptional teams

Built for your agile ceremonies

From the estimation through retrospectives, manage your agile meetings with just one tool.


Reflect on your work, find themes, and evolve as a team – all in an hour or less.

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Team Check-In

Check-in with your teammates to efficiently unblock issues and review what you’ve accomplished.

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Sprint PokerNew

Estimate effort using an interactive card deck – with a range of custom scales and estimation methods to choose from.

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Everything agile teams need for effective meetings

Each agile ceremony comes with a toolkit of features to get your team talking, bias for action and drive continuous improvement.

The door to better meetings for free is open

No need for a trial period – completely free for up to two teams for as long as you like

Built for the agile meetings you run
Built for Agile

Structured meeting formats for retrospectives, scrum meetings and sprint poker

Works with the tools you already use: Atlassian Jira, GitHub, and Slack

Connects with Atlassian Jira, GitHub and Slack to fit with your workflow

Pre-build popular templates and custom meeting templates

Pre-built templates for inspiration at the click of a button – or create your own and share!

Fully open source and transparent
Open Source

Built in the open, fully transparent

Facilitated meeting icebreakers get your team talking
Facilitated Icebreakers

Optional social check-ins included in every meeting so you can get the ball rolling

Meeting timer allows you to timebox discussions or set deadlines

Move your conversations along seamlessly by time-boxing discussions

Automated meeting notes summary for the whole remote team
Meeting Summary

Stay connected with meeting summaries that keep everyone in the loop

Integrated with tools you already use

From sending reminders to syncing user stories, improve your workflow by connecting to the tools you’re already using.

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Teams love Parabol

“We tried Parabol coaching services to retool the way our leadership operates and it’s been great. In 4 weeks we were running like a top: priorities and accountabilities are clear, and frankly, our meetings have been a lot more enjoyable.”

Adam Pisoni Founder & CEO, Abl Schools Former CTO of Yammer

“Parabol’s coaching and software was the key to unlocking performance on our leadership team. Our meetings went from business-as-usual to focused, fun, and productive.”

Ian Myers GM of Platform, Quartz

“I joined a team coached by Parabol and was blown away at how smoothly the meetings ran. People held themselves accountable and things got done. We started looking into where else we could use Parabol.”

Joseph Rosenfeld SVP FP&A, Dow Jones

“Parabol has made our retrospectives so much smoother. Now our retros have more structure, are easier to follow, and involve less work.”

Jean Snow Senior Manager, Ubisoft

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Support for Enterprise organizations

Support for Enterprise Organizations

Including SSO, additional security features and self-hosting options, Enterprise organizations trust Parabol to drive continuous improvement across their agile teams.

More About Enterprise

Master your
agile ceremonies

Learn how to level-up your game as a facilitator or participant! Tips and tricks for how to make the most of your agile ceremonies.

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