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#331 – EoY Wrapped Email

Friday Ship #331 | January 20th, 2023

Parabol End of Year Campaign

At the end of each year, Parabol traditionally runs year-end campaigns to summarize the company’s performance over the past year. This year, I had an idea to personalize these campaigns and send tailored year-end emails to individual users. I proposed this idea to my team in our #terrible-ideas Slack channel, and it received overwhelming support!

Screenshot of the initial idea shared in Slack

Working with my marketing team members, Lorena and Emily, we refined and polished my initial email draft (by completely rewriting it LOL), adding fun elements such as meme GIFs:

Screenshot of the process and editing

In the mean time, I worked on gathering user-level metrics such as meeting count and most-used templates. Thanks to our efficient data architecture, we were able to compute these metrics in BigQuery and update the corresponding properties in HubSpot contacts.

Before sending the emails out to our entire user base, we conducted an internal test by sending the emails to ourselves. We received a lot of valuable feedback from our colleagues and we incorporated them into the latest version.

Screenshot of a Slack message soliciting feedback from the team

On January 10th, we finally sent the emails to approximately 165,000 users. The results were impressive: average open rate was around 31%, surpassing all of our previous marketing emails at this scale. We also received positive feedback from our users.

Screenshot of the response to the campaign from customers

I enjoyed working on this project and it was also a great demonstration of how Parabol works as a team. We are always looking for new and creative ways to connect with our users, and we have more exciting plans for 2023. Stay tuned!


Usage this week has bounced back to the levels before holidays. As we welcome our users back, may we suggest the new year retrospective template?

This week we…

…started to test internally a new feature: meeting summary powered by GPT-3

…implemented template and meeting history restrictions for free users

…worked on recurrence setting for our stand up meeting type

Next week we’ll…

…take our lunar new year break from January 23 to January 25. We will be back on January 26.

Bruce Tian

Bruce Tian

Bruce is a back-end developer. Before joining Parabol, he has worked at Amazon for 7 years, building delivery platform for Amazon advertising business. He is a geek on productivity enhancement and life hacking. Bruce lives in Seattle, WA now but would like to travel around the world.

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