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Managing Teams & Tasks

Learn how to work better with the team and task views in Parabol



How to use the Tasks view in Parabol

In Tasks, you can:

  • See all tasks assigned to you across all teams you're part of
  • See all tasks for a team member across all of their teams
  • Move tasks between columns
  • Filter to view tasks for just one team


For each team, you can see the tasks for that team, including who they are assigned to, and their status.


How to customize the Task view columns

On Team or My Tasks views, the column names cannot be changed.

These are always Future, Stuck, Active and Done.


How to use the Teams view in Parabol

In the Dashboard for any Team, you can:

  • See all tasks assigned to anyone on the team
  • See the Agenda for any upcoming Check-In meetings, and add items.

team dashboard with agenda


How to Add Agenda Items in Parabol

Between meetings, you can access the Agenda for each team.

Click 'See Agenda Topics' in the upper right hand corner to open this menu.

See agenda items

From there, you can add new agenda topics. These will be used in your next Check-in Meeting.