Integrating with Slack

Parabol is the unified dashboard for all disciplines. We connect technical tools across all departments, and many digital product teams are shipping code on GitHub.

Current Integration Features

  • Automatically notify teammates via any Slack #channel when your weekly meeting is beginning and ending
  • Automatically receive a link to your team’s meeting Summary when the meeting ends

Future Integration Features

  • Send Slack notifications to team members when they are assigned new Parabol project cards
  • Search for, comment on, and update project cards and meeting agenda queues—all without leaving the comfort of Slack

Adding GitHub is Simple

1. Visit Team Settings

From any Team Board, go to the Integrations tab in Team Settings and tap “Add to Slack”.

2. Authorize Slack

Pick a channel on the Slack authentication screen…

3. You're All Set

Now your team will receive meeting notifications in the channel you selected!